Watson Data Platform and IBM Data Science Experience is now Watson Studio.

This week at InterConnect 2017, IBM is showing off how its data and analytics services make data simple and accessible, and encouraging teams to work in new ways, through stories from users.

One example featured this week is BlocPower, a New York City-based startup that gives building owners critical insights they need to enact energy-saving upgrades that will ultimately lower their utility costs.

BlocPower’s technology and finance platform relies on two powerful data and analytics services – the Harmony platform, which is built on databases within the IBM Watson Data Platform, and IBM Data Science Experience, which enables BlocPower to use machine learning to perform comprehensive energy audits of properties.

During the InterConnect keynote, “Data Science: Unleash Intelligent Client Experiences,” BlocPower’s Tooraj Arvajeh and Harmony’s Matt Brooke-Smith joined Derek Schoettle, GM, IBM Watson Data Platform, to showcase how a platform approach to data and analytics brought together multiple parties to solve a business problem.

Watch this demo video, which premiered during the keynote, to learn:

  • How a data scientist uses embedded visualizations within a Jupyter Notebook to explore the effects of building materials and usage patterns on a building’s energy efficiency, with very few lines of code
  • How an app developer can create an application that scores against a machine learning model, which the data scientist created, trained and deployed, to predict the efficiency of a new building
  • How an end user interacts with that application using a chatbot, powered by Watson Conversation Service,
    to receive recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of their building


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  1. Mike Broberg March 23, 2017

    Nice writeup, Jim!

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