When talking about enterprise DevOps transformation, many people look for a silver bullet—a magic wand that will convert an old, inefficient organization into a high-performing, DevOps-enabled IT team. But in truth there is no single silver bullet. DevOps takes a village. This DevOps village, like a real village, consists of physical infrastructure, as well as members. DevOps often needs a cultural transformation that builds a true community with the same aims and goals. No one vendor has all the tools and no one tool does it all. DevOps tools must work in unison. Finally, a methodology that recognizes the communal nature of DevOps is essential to bringing it all together.

Join us as Alan Shimel, Editor-in-Chief, will host a stellar guest list to discuss what does it take to implement DevOps in large-scale enterprise IT environments? Is it as simple as standing up multiple two-pizza teams?  What’s the secret sauce behind successful DevOps adoption in large organizations? Don’t miss this exciting preview of a panel at InterConnect 2017 titled “Enterprise DevOps: It Takes a Village” featuring some of the industry experts and clients who are driving real change.

Our featured guests include:

  • John Comas, Manager Platform DevOps, NBCUniversal
  • Raghunath Raman, Director, Digital APIs and Integration Delivery, Kaiser Permanente
  • Rosalind Radcliffe, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect for Enterprise DevOps, IBM
  • Sanjeev Sharma, CTO DevOps Adoption, Distinguished Engineer, IBM


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