IBM CEO Ginni Rometty discusses cognitive business, recent developments with blockchain and the future of finance.

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Johan van Hall, ABN AMRO COO
ABN AMRO invests in cloud technology, analytics, cognitive computing, and mobile technologies, and infuses more flexibility, agility, and speed into the organization to stand against the constant influx of industry newcomers.

Philip Källander, Chief Technical Architect for Data Warehouse and Analytics, Handelsbanken Bank
Handelsbanken Bank anticipated risk reporting changes that would create some big data challenges. IBM helped to create a series of solutions that improved performance by 25x through the analysis of increasing volumes of commercial and investment data from almost every system in the bank.

Charaka Kithulegoda, Chief Information Officer, Tangerine
Tangerine enhances their mobile experience, increases speed of development, and improves the customer experience, amid the rapid growth of mobile banking.

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  1. Very useful! Thank for sharing

  2. Very useful! Thank for sharing

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