IBM joined the startup and developer community this month in New York City on a panel titled “The Future of Cognitive Development” which General Assembly hosted. This is just one example of the events we’re hosting to meet with developers and technologists who want to learn more about opportunities in cognitive development.

My co-panelists,  Georgina Castanon, Thierry Hubert, and André Konig, blew my mind.


A quick note on each person:

  • Georgina brings a no-nonsense approach to her discussions. When asked about women in the development workplace, she addressed it by stating, “It does not matter.” It is all about how well you code and what business value you can provide.
  • I could listen to Thierry wax on eloquently all night about complex technology. He was an inspiration to the developers around pure play technology.
  • Andre adds a pragmatic business spin to his feedback, including the comment that developers need to understand how to deliver true value in the marketplace and be ready to continuously adapt.
Pictured from left to right - Tyler Hartrich, Thierry Hubert, Bruce Weed, Georgina Castanon, and Andre Konig
Pictured from left to right – Tyler Hartrich, Thierry Hubert, Bruce Weed, Georgina Castanon, and Andre Konig.

IBM’s focus during the discussion centered on the power, ease and accessibility of Watson services with developers and entrepreneurs. All the panelists had a story about how easy and fun it was to start their work with Watson. From Personality Insights to Watson Conversation to Alchemy to Tone Analyzer and beyond, developers can access it all on the IBM Cloud via Bluemix services.

But the most exciting news I discussed was around our new developer journeys, which you can explore at this link:

These journeys provide an easy way for developers to immerse themselves in a new technology. For cognitive services, I recommend the “Create a cognitive retail chatbot” developer journey.

IBM is partnering with General Assembly, Topcoder, Galvanize and many others to make cognitive skills accessible to everyone through more than 40,000 learning opportunities. These include tutorials, training and online resources, new certifications, university programs, and community partnerships. These programs will help redefine what it means to be a cognitive developer.

(You can find out more about these programs in the IBM Learning Lab:

It’s no secret we’re in the midst of a major technological transformation with cognitive computing and AI at the heart of it. Developers will help us realize this transformation’s true potential. Our focus on accelerating the developer’s time to productivity is critical. There, I dropped the F-bomb (focus, of course!).

If you missed this event and want to hear more, we would love to see you at the Cognitive Builder Faire in NYC on May 12.

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