In a time when many organization are exploring new ways to work with hybrid cloud environments, such as planning migrations or connections of enterprise applications to the cloud, many administrators and capacity planners are facing the same old challenges.

If you are a capacity planner or work with operations, you know how challenging it is to track and optimize use of enterprise software servers, whether they are on-premises, in a cloud environment, or a combination of both.

You face the difficulty of collecting data to answer questions about the software products that your enterprise organization uses. For software inventory and questions about deployment, administrators and capacity planners need to manage, track, and count usage from individual administrative consoles or server instance reports.  Then you struggle with an additional layer of complexity if you need to identify versions to upgrade or which servers to optimize for better efficiency.


You can optimize your environment with usage and inventory insights and recommendations.

Connect with your peers

The new IBM developerWorks Developer Center, IBM Cloud Product Insights Technical Community, is the best place to get started exploring some new options to track products across the enterprise, get usage reports to optimize environments, and integrate with other hybrid cloud services or patterns.

In the Developer Center, you can get the most recent information about which IBM products and versions can connect to the IBM Cloud Product Insights, a new service on IBM Bluemix. Get the latest configuration steps and information about an experimental service for log management.  Use the dW Answers forum for assistance, and take advantage of information from the product and technical teams for both Product Insights and the other IBM products that you connect to Product Insights.

The Product Insights service extends new cloud capabilities to IBM software products for viewing deployed instance information, tracking usage metrics, and recommending additional services that add value. To help you manage resources across hybrid cloud environments, both on-premises servers and those in the cloud, you can use a multiple-product dashboard for deployed product information (including names, versions, and builds). You can view and track the software usage, which helps you balance resources, and you can leverage recommendations for upgrades and other related services on IBM Bluemix.

Want a demo? One of our developerWorks Middleware hybrid cloud experts has just published a video tutorial on IBM developerWorks: Track, monitor, and optimize middleware servers with IBM Cloud Product Insights.

Try it out

After reviewing some of the resources I mentioned, you can try the Product Insights service for yourself. Then connect with the IBM Cloud Product Insights Technical Community, and share your experience!




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