We know it takes a lot of effort, determination, and resources to bring an idea to fruition, and transform your hard work into an enterprise even!

At IBM, re-inventing ourselves is a way of life, and we have a lot to be excited about with what lies ahead this year in technology. Fast forward 5 years from now, take a look at some of the new research highlighting five innovations that we think will help change lives in our near future.

When you think of IBM, you often look back at its long arc in technical history over the past 100+ years and see it creating amazing technologies. And you know what? That hasn’t changed at all even now in 2017. IBM is projected to register over 7,000 U.S. patents in 2016, leading all companies for the 24th straight year. And while all that cool technology that IBMers create is often used to help large companies become more efficient and serve their customers more effectively, that same innovation is just as often used by smaller start-ups to launch the next killer app or build break-through cloud software and services.

Though it is easy to make predictions about what may lie ahead with research, it is up to our clients to be the real change makers and lead the way.

As we start 2017, and as you may start your entrepreneurship journey with us, we want to share some of our clients’ successes to keep you inspired. A few months ago, IBM selected several promising startups from our IBM’s Global Entrepreneur program and sent them to San Francisco to attend the LAUNCH Scale event, to hear from and take part in deep-dive business sessions with the world’s greatest investors, founders, and growth experts on how to successfully grow and scale startups.

Take a look! They range from cognitive environmental services to AI-driven software development to a chatbot powered by IBM Watson APIs. It’s all very real examples of how IBM can help you and your organization, big or small, take its next step into the cognitive era.

Software to automate the process of designing business apps

Internet of Things sensors to improve air quality

Meeka by Mecasei.com

The IBM Global Entrepreneur program is a gateway into a global ecosystem of top business leaders and investors, technical experts, enterprise clients and so much more.


That’s why a lot of startups today are tapping into IBM’s wealth of resources, clients, and technology to grow their businesses, as we support them with the right tools, resources and opportunities.

When you build, launch, and scale your business with IBM, endless opportunities await! The future’s so bright that you might want to pull out your sunglasses for 2017…

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  1. Subhajit Khan June 03, 2018

    Dear Sir,
    I am a 3rd-year student of Computer Science and Engineering. My age is 20. My father has a business of rice. My aim is to zero hunger and No poverty. I want to help the poor people in where I can’t reach.
    The target is to help the poor people, to give them food. In which place we can’t reach to help them in there many users will help them. And concurrently the users will do some social work and some users will see this live and get inspired and they also do their tasks. Users will also helpful by getting money and other gifts and full of enjoying. I want to clean the poverty and to give food all the poor people of all over the world. To give reality this game and to give food all the poor people support me.

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