Hurricane Irma has made landfall in Cudjoe Key, FL.
Hurricane Irma has made landfall in Cudjoe Key, FL.

With the recent explosion of hurricane activity in the Atlantic basin, it’s pretty obvious about the impact that weather can have on lives, properties and businesses around the world. You’ve probably downloaded the Weather Channel app (or a similar weather app) and are keeping tabs on Hurricane Irma given its potential impact on the East coast. And I’ve got my fingers crossed that we are preparing for the worst and end up in a better scenario by over-preparing for everything.

But thankfully with all the information being provided by organizations like the Weather Company, we can hopefully minimize the damage we are exposed to on a regular basis, weather-wise. Given its network of over 200,000 weather stations in 195 countries, the Weather Company has one of the largest and most sophisticated IoT networks around. And you can tap into this hyper-local weather information through their Weather Company API.

And here at developerWorks, we’ve got the information to help you. We’ve got the expertise and information to help you create the next great app that could save lives before future weather scenarios like Hurricane Irma. Use our Getting Started with Weather Company Data documentation to leverage weather data from the Bluemix Cloud. We’ve also got the step-by-step tutorials and recipes to provide you the basics of hooking into this real-time weather data.

So while we can not change what Mother Nature brings to our doorstep, we can certainly be more prepared to deal with the ever-changing conditions in our weather on a daily basis! And I’m pretty sure that pairing the best developer talent and knowledge with the Weather Company’s rich weather data could be part of the solution for everyone around the world.

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