All Things Open is coming up fast and we are so excited about all the great things we have planned! At All Things Open, nearly 200 speakers will deliver 200+ track sessions, workshops, and keynote talks. Check out the list below to see our IBM experts covering hot topics like Blockchain, microservices, Kubernetes, AI and so much more!

Meet IBM at All Things Open


Visit us at booths 32 & 33 at All Things Open.

  • The developerWorks team will be there to demo the site and give updates on developerWorks resources and communities around open source.
  • You can explore IBM Code, where everything you need to solve real problems is compiled into a Journey: architecture diagrams, one-click deployment git repos, and pointers to essential docs.
  • Designers and developers from the IBM Commerce and Web Platform tribes will be conducting a study revealing new features and functions from the conceptual designs of My IBM.


IBM sessions at All Things Open

Securing Microservices with Istio
Monday, October 23 – 10:30AM, Room 204
Dan Berg and Lin Sun

Security is paramount in the development community, especially when working with a distributed microservice architecture. This requires a solution that simplifies securing your applications. Istio is a new open service mesh platform that can be used to connect microservices running on the cloud safely and securely. In this session, we will demonstrate Istio’s built-in mutual TLS and secure access control for your microservices, along with a few other Istio capabilities such as intelligent routing, rate limits, and in-dept telemetry for your microservices.

Open Broadcaster Software: Stream, record, present like a pro!
Monday, October 23 – 11:30AM, Room 305A
Spencer Krum

OBS Studio is a FLOSS application that puts you in the director’s chair for live streaming or recording. It is built as an application to help video game or creative streamers share their computer screens with a live audience, but it’s power goes beyond that. Anyone who is using their computer to tell a story can benefit from the professional touch that OBS can provide. It can manage multiple capture devices, independently combine captured window areas, and overlay text and graphics. I’ll show you what this software can do and what you can do with it. A simple example: Presenters often like to include their twitter handle on their slides. When the presenter goes to the terminal, the twitter handle isn’t displayed. If the presenter uses obs studio to control the projector display, obs studio can trivially be configured to overlay a twitter handle, company graphic, whatever.

Mobile Security – Why Organizations Must Consider a Comprehensive Strategy
Tuesday, October 24 – 11:15AM, Room 305B
Wes Gyure

Mobile Device Management is a needed component of mobile security, however every organization should think beyond the device and consider the unique risks associated with mobile content, applications and secure access to sensitive information. In this session we will review a survey conducted by IBM Security to determine the current state of enterprise mobile security maturity, what capabilities are currently deployed and what are being considered for the future. Emphasis will be placed on unique mobile challenges including ways to provide security on unmanaged devices.

How to Build and Enable a Blockchain Network
Tuesday, October 24 – 11:15AM, Room 301B
Chris Ferris

Blockchain is radically changing the way businesses transact and interact. Businesses interact with one another in the context of a permissioned blockchain network. What does building a permissioned network truly mean? How do you define who are the players in your network and establish who receives access to what? This talk will explore examples of blockchain networks, as well as how the dynamics between peers can add trust to a business network. We will also demonstrate on building a network using Hyperledger Composer and Hyperledger Fabric – a platform where business leaders to take full control of the construction of their blockchain network.

Artificial Intelligence Powered by Kubernetes
Tuesday, October 24 – 2:15PM, Room 303
Dan Berg and Jake Kitchener

Enterprises are in a race to determine how to gain greater success, through the use of containers. In this session, we will describe how we deploy and operate Watson cognitive services on the IBM Cloud Container Service leveraging Kubernetes. Deploying the Watson cognitive service into a Kubernetes based environment by itself is not all that interesting (well for some it might be). What is interesting is that this is a transition from a microservices platform based on the Netflix OSS, VMs, and Mesos to Kubernetes with Istio from the IBM Cloud Container Service. Even more interesting is that the transition must be accomplished incrementally, thus, a hybrid architecture had to be put in place. In the session we will describe the application architecture that was applied, the challenges that had to be overcome, as well as the transition to utilize the new Istio service mesh to manage service across the hybrid environment.

Permissioned Blockchain Platforms – the exciting landscape
Tuesday, October 24 – 3:15PM, Room 302B
Sharon Cocco and Jim Zhang

Blockchain came out of Bitcoin as the underlying technical foundation to transform how existing businesses are conducted. Overall the market is split between public, permission-less chains and consortium-based, permissioned chains. This talk will focus on the latter, with an overview of Fabric, Sawtooth Lake, Iroha, and Burrow that are under the Hyperledger umbrella, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, as well as others. The audience should walk away with specific details useful to get a project started based on some of the leading platforms.

Extreme ChatOps using Kubernetes and Watson
Tuesday, October 24 – 3:15PM, Room 302C
Dan Berg and Jeff Sloyer

Chatops help eliminate manual tasks from Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) perspective with key automation combined with Watson artificial intelligence, each bot has a persona and specific task identified. The bots work together to communicate potential security threats and unusual patterns via Slack, which can in turn be monitored by either humans or other bots in order to aid the concerns that arise. Have a conversation with one of our chatbots using Watson Conversation Service, Watson Text to Speech service and learn how to revolutionize your processes in a highly interactive and fun session!


All Things Open 2017
October 23-24
Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh, NC


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