Straight from this garage at home in Berkeley, California, Ryan Anderson, Cognitive Solutions Architect sat down with Piotr Tomasik, Founder and CTO of Influential to talk about his company’s first-to-market A.I. technology solution that matches brands with influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The two also touched on developer hiring demand, “New-Collar Jobs,” and advice to tech newcomers.

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Piotr’s company, Influential, delivers demographically, psychographically, and contextually targeted influencer marketing campaigns for brands and agencies to help them get the most out of their social media marketing opportunities.

After seeing explosive growth, Piotr explains the methodologies behind the success in his interview with Ryan and expands on how his team pivoted four times in just three years. Risk taking has been instrumental, or as Piotr puts it, they are, “not scared to jump into something new.”

“Our coding challenge involves languages we don’t actually use everyday…we want to find people who aren’t scared to jump into something.” — Piotr Tomasik, CTO, Influential

As artificial intelligence quickly works it’s way into new businesses like Piotr’s, “New-Collar Jobs,” are being introduced at a similarly fast pace. Piotr stresses that even people without formal education need not feel as though they are behind. The development world is always changing. You need to focus on learning new coding languages, staying up to date and exploring. Piotr follows his own advice in IOS app development and coding with Swift.

As for advice to new developers, “Start with JavaScript,” Piotr says. “It’s all the rage right now and easy to pick up.” He also recommends checking out “Elm” – a fresh new language that his team particularly loves and a Chrome plug-in called “Panda” for real-time curated news feeds centered around the development community.

With the ever-growing demand for hiring good developers, Influential doesn’t necessarily target those in Silicon Valley. They look to the Midwest and introduce the opportunity for these developers to work in Las Vegas, Nevada with its low cost of living, light traffic, and a rapidly growing tech community.

What can we take away from this interview with Piotr? Don’t be afraid of change and continually expand your skill-set. New-Collar workers are on even playing ground with those that have formal education. Stay up on the latest in coding and regularly refresh your skills.



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