I had the pleasure to attend KubeCon and CloudNativeCon in Austin, TX this past week. 2017 was my 3rd time attending KubeCon and CloudNativeCon. This energetic tech conference had over 2,000 attendees and it was bigger than any of the previous KubeCon and CloudNativeCon conferences combined! I also had the honor to speak at multiple sessions at the conference about service mesh and Istio. There was so much excitement and interest around service mesh throughout the three day event!

1. If you are not familiar what service mesh is… I like the explanation from Louis Ryan’s chart the best:

Louis Ryan at KubeCon 2017 in Austin - developerworks.com
Louis Ryan at KubeCon 2017 in Austin – developerworks.com

2. Service mesh was highlighted in each day of the keynotes. On Wednesday, Ben Sigelman, Founder and CEO of LightStep, discussed Service Mesh and Observability using OpenTracing. On Thursday, Kelsey Hightower showed off the Istio dashboard in what I thought was the best keynote demo. Spike Curtis from Tigera also talked about Calico’s new application policy integration with Istio.

3. Buoyant announced Conduit as their new service mesh framework to work with Kubernetes. This is an attempt to embrace environments that have limited resources, such as sidecar-based Kubernetes deployments.

4. Nignx‘s support of Istio was demo’ed , using bookinfo as the sample application. You really can’t tell it is using Nginx as the sidecar during the live demo! You can visit nginmesh for more information.


5. Turbine Labs, which is known for Houston and the best way to manage Envoy at scale. The team has done some nice UI integration to allow users to easily create, deploy and manage Istio rules.

6. Aspen Mesh, enterprise service mesh built on Istio, provides F5 integration with Istio and full support for the enterprise service mesh.

7. The Banyan team showed interesting security feature for microservices and very neat UI integration with Istio.

8. On Friday’s keynote, Clayton Coleman gave the bold prediction of service Mesh, which I completely agree with.


Unfortunately, I had really limited amount of time to visit every booth and session I had on my ToDo list. So I apologize if I left out any major announcements. Overall, service mesh has been an extremely hot topic and I have been nicely recognized as the Istio lady while working at the IBM booth! I was also pleasantly surprised to find out many of our Istio sessions on Friday afternoon had really good turn-out and attendance, so thank you to all who attended our sessions!

I am very grateful for being part of the service mesh excitement at the conference and to finally meet many of my fellow Istio contributors in the community. It was an honor to be part of KubeCon and I really appreciate the conference committee for having me there to speak! And as you can guess, I am already looking forward to KubeCon in Copenhagen, see you all soon!

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