Michelle dominating at the Wild Watson West Ping Pong Tournament
Michelle dominating at the Wild Watson West Ping Pong Tournament

Today, folks, was a revolutionary day. It was the most important and eventful Monday we have had so far. In fact, I am emotional writing this right now because it’s the end of the day and I still cannot believe we managed to make it through day one.

Today, folks, was the first day of the Wild Watson West Ping Pong Tournament.

Just kidding. It wasn’t that dramatic. But today did consist of about 30 minutes of intense training and reflex sharpening. And not only for the players, either– today’s bystanders (me and Madison, as we watched our pal Michelle take on Michael Ludden in the first round) had to also master the art of arm-raising as we blocked the path of the flying, orange, spherical, pain-inflicting object from heading straight to our faces.

Unfortunately, Michelle did not emerge victorious. So I guess we’ll stick with this internship and not drop everything for the 2020 Olympics.

Other than that, it was a productive day! Michelle, Madison, and I caught up on some blog posts. Michelle and I also spent the morning researching online games for our individual modules in place of today’s meeting that got re-scheduled. It was a typical day, but a good day. As always 🙂

That’s it for now! See you guys tomorrow.

Love always,

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