What do you get when three girls get an urgent Slack message from Maureen telling them to meet Catherine with the other interns in a conference room on the 7th floor?

Three very confused girls!

Just kidding. Kind of. We were slightly thrown off because our calendars were scheduled to meet next Thursday, but it’s okay. In fact, it’s actually experiences like this that make me feel blessed the most! It’s always hard for us to know and understand what really happens in the career world when we’re never directly in it, so we saw dealing with this miscommunication as just one of the valuable, real-world lessons we’re learning here every day. And for those of you reading this who most likely work at huge, revolutionary companies like IBM, you can probably relate and understand that little slips are bound to happen sometimes. Whether it be something small (like what happened to us today) or something more impactful. However, one thing’s for sure: you have to be able to deal with it. Our first taste of it today, might’ve seemed like a small deal, but I think the lessons we take from it and the skills we’re beginning to equip ourselves because of it, are going to serve us well one day. And I’m always going to circle that back to my appreciation for IBM and the opportunities all three of us are so fortunate to have just by being here.  🙂

We scheduled and finished a Zoom call with Angie today, which definitely made our list of Top 10 Most Useful Zoom Meetings*! We got a lot of answers regarding our course module about navigating through Bluemix, so we have a much better sense now of what to include in that. Oh, and if you didn’t know, Bluemix is an open-source platform that enables users to create and deploy applications using cool IBM services (like Watson!). The three of us found the platform to be a bit complicated when we were first introduced to it, so this project really enabled us to channel our experience and tailor a more user-friendly guide for students. I really like this project because we’re essentially using our prior knowledge about Bluemix to teach and help people our age. Computing on the cloud is definitely becoming more universal, and it’s so great to be able to help them make a transition to that.

Random splashes of other fun things: we had lunch outside on the porch again today, where we experienced the attack of the bees! The weather was super nice though. I’ve always loved San Francisco because even if it’s hot, it’s not blazing hot, and we can still enjoy some fresh oxygen up here to get our brain cells stimulated. But on a sadder note, I think our intern pets (succulents Wanda and Cosmo that the other college interns brought to life) are slowly dying 🙁 Their leaves are yellowing and falling! We hope they’ll feel better soon.


But overall, a fun Thursday! See you guys next we–OH, wait, I lied. Quick story. A certain one of us–no hints, but her name is Michelle–anonymously contributed to a fellow intern’s calligraphy page when he was downstairs in the Sunset Room! To this day, he still hasn’t noticed…

Who knows? Maybe he won’t ever notice. But we’ll update you regardless.  🙂

See you guys soon!

Love always,

*List doesn’t actually exist. I made it up.

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