Happy Friday, guys! Aw, man, compared to yesterday, today was pretty uneventful. But it was one of those really nice days, and I’ll tell you one reason why:


We had a Zoom call with her this morning, and we basically caught up with everything that’s been happening since we saw her back at InterConnect. We really miss her! If we had to name one person who made all of our journey here at IBM possible, it’d be her. We’re so appreciative of Libby 🙂

Other than that, we met Ian Oeschger over a Zoom call in order to run him through some feedback we have, and then we caught up some blog posts. Michelle and I ran out to Sushiritto for lunch with Sam and Aaron. Pretty pricey, and I decided to bring mine home because I brought lunch today — but Michelle ate hers, and she said it’s worth it! If you guys are ever in the area, you should totally check it out. It’s $10-14 worth of sushi wrapped in a big burrito-like roll!

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In the afternoon, I tackled a good part of the video editing for Josh and Daryl’s interviews. I even brought my laptop from home! Macbooks are so sleek and beautiful, and I love how it feels, but I wished it had an SD card reader so I didn’t have to bring two laptops today 🙁 But it’s all good!

Heading towards the weekend now, and I’m so excited. I’m gonna go picnic out to Tahoe. It’ll be fun 🙂

See you guys later!

Love always,

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