Hi everyone! Today we had our first meeting on Zoom– it took us a while to get signed on, but Maureen (our super cool program coordinator) helped us a lot. We talked about our first assignment during the meeting, which was editing the Chatbot Course outline for EdTech’s Cognitive Curriculum. We spent the entire day collaborating on new module names, video ideas, and rephrasing descriptions. We came up with some pretty cool names if I do say so myself. Chatbots for Change. Let’s Chat about Chatbots. Chatbot-ism. 🙂

By the way, we did all this work while exploring multiple offices of SF IBM, which was really fun (The blue couches are the bomb.com!). We also had a great lunch with the other DBG interns today. It’s been really fun getting to know them and getting to know the SF IBMers (aka the coolest IBMers). Looking forward to learning about how to create videos for EdTech courses tomorrow! Stay tuned…

P.S.- The cafe seems like a pretty popular place at IBM. It’s a good thing the food gets restocked 3 times per week or it seems like the office would stop functioning!

Stay happy. Stay hungry.

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