Hey there reader! I write this blog post from the comfort of an aesthetically pleasing wire chair in the Sunset lounge. Let’s talk about how today has been going… Since we were super productive Tuesday and Wednesday, we broke in the day with a chiller morning schedule than usual. With a 10am meeting that got cancelled and a lunchtime meeting about our digital tendencies, I started the morning with a refreshing bowl of frosted flakes and milk from the cafeteria. Maybe this will become my summer routine?


Our lunchtime meeting involved some fresh faces, and it mostly consisted of us describing what social media we use, what online courses we use, what do we find engaging, and so on. I think the turbulent waters of junior year really put me into a bubble where class, standardized testing, and academic projects were all that dominated my consciousness. And I love how this work experience really opens me to new environments, new people, and new perspectives. Beyond the career advantages of having this internship, I’m really beginning to see the personal growth. Or maybe it’s too early to tell, it’s only day 4 after all. xD!!

We headed out to Peets for a breath of fresh air and to download Videoscribe for a Chatbot video. I searched for nearby ice cream shops. No luck, the closest thing is a Ghirardelli shop, and I’m looking for the “Mom n’ Pop” types that define ‘The City’. Heading back to the hub of innovation that is 505 Howard St, we decided against using Videoscribe, and have spent the rest of the afternoon doodling ideas for the whiteboard video, failing to set up our Workday time card accounts, and cracking jokes (the usual).


The office culture here is FANTASTIC, by the way. Funky furniture, assorted snacks, and kind people really helped me adapt. And others agree too, at least according to their post-it answers to the cafeteria whiteboard question. As the day and week wrap up, I’m still as excited as ever that I’m working for IBM, in San Francisco, and doing great, impactful work. I hope that I never lose sight of this tingly thrill (that’s called the hedonic treadmill) and continue to cultivate a great environment and strong relationships.

See you next week!
Summer luvin’,

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