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Quantum computing for everyone?
You don’t need to be a theoretical physicist to connect to IBM’s quantum processor via the IBM Cloud. Following IBM Research’s 2016 Quantum Experience initiative to make a quantum computer available to everyone, IBM is continuing to put tools in the hands of software developers to start experimenting with quantum technology. “IBM Q” quantum systems and services let you run algorithms and experiments, work with the individual quantum bits, and explore tutorials and simulations around what might be possible with quantum computing. New tools include: The Quantum API and QISKit open source project, read more about this exciting news.

Ready? Set? Compete!
We know achieving code mastery takes practice. So what better way to practice and improve than by adding a little bit of fun and friendly competition along the way? Whether you’re a coding rookie or experienced veteran, you should be able to find a code competition to your liking with these upcoming challenges.

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The blockchain journey for developers is just beginning!
Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, is the emerging tech that everyone’s talking about. And developers everywhere are asking: What’s so great about it, how can I use it to solve my business problems, and where can I try it out? At developerWorks we’ve got the answers and we gather them up for you for easy access. We’ve just launched a monthly roundup of the best free tools, training, and community resources to help you put blockchain to work.
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News and Events!
Check our newest developerWorks newsblast for a snippet of what has been going on at IBM over the past couple of weeks.
And if you have not yet registered, InterConnect 2017 and Devoxx 2017 are just around the corner. Don’t miss the boat!

What happens when every organization is digital?
The winners will be those that apply cognitive capabilities to their digital collaboration, content and workflows. They will augment human potential with a workplace that understands your work patterns and preferences, adjusts accordingly, and helps us make better choices about what is important, and what is next. These were the topics being discussed at IBM Connect 2017. Couldn’t attend? IBMGo provides access to the conferences replays: Hear from IBM experts as they share how Watson will transform everyday work, and listen from customers who are turning that vision into reality.

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