As you know from our previous post, it’s IBM Champion nomination season. Time to recognize all those stars in your technical community: the ones who blog, who organize conferences and user groups, the ones who teach, the ones who mentor. As lifetime IBM Champion Gabriella Davis has put it, the ones whose contributions you’d really miss if they were to stop.

IBM Champions in Action Series

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what the IBM Champions do if you haven’t been familiar with the program. So we started a video series of IBM Champions in Action. The videos will help you learn more about IBM Champions, see what they’ve done in 2017, and understand the program’s value.

In the series, IBM Champions from around the world and across products and areas of expertise share their work. They also discuss the benefit they find in being IBM Champions. The first entries in the series are below, and you can follow along with new entries at the IBM Champion blog.

IBM Champion Mark Lack

Mark Lack is a data and strategy executive. He loves data and creates excellent strategy for his company by getting more information from their data. One thing he’s most proud of doing as an IBM Champion is helping others understand how they can add value to their companies by working with Cognos, SPSS, Watson, Bluemix, Kubernetes, and other technology. As he says, it’s not just around what you can build, it’s about the outcomes and the problems you can solve using the technology.

IBM Champion Kathy Brown

Kathy Brown is a developer and consultant with PSC. Kathy says speaking at conferences and user groups opened doors for her. She also says there are many “internal” Champions who don’t necessarily go public with their contributions, but who help educate their colleagues on making the most of IBM technology.

IBM Champion David Conover

David Conover is an educator and a serious game designer. He has brought Watson, Bluemix, and other technologies into his high school classroom. And he’s brought the best IBMers along with them. David’s at-risk students are taking control of their lives and environments through the power of the games they’re creating.

IBM Champion Gabriel Aberasturi

Gabriel Aberasturi consistently tops the leaderboard at the IBM Middleware User Community because he believes in collaboration and helping others. He answers questions in the forums and shares his knowledge freely. In his interview, Gabi also talks about a new project he’s working on with Blockchain. The project lets consumers follow their meat (and eventually other goods) from pasture to market.

Take Action: Nominate an IBM Champion

Now that you know more about the IBM Champions and what a few of them have done in 2017, it’s time for you find someone in your technical community (or in your own mirror!) to nominate today. Nominations close 13 November. (Nominations for IBM Z Champion candidates close 30 November.)

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