InterConnect 2017 is just a few days away. Are you planning on attending and wondering how this year will focus on security?

We have great news for all you security enthusiasts! We’ve created a unique, content-rich experience to immerse everyone who’s interested in security. 

“Whether you’re a security executive, developer, designer, architect, or analyst, you belong at InterConnect.”

Attendees will discover how the biggest companies and most dynamic startups are advancing their journey in this new era of cloud and cognitive computing – all while staying ahead of evolving security threats.

And the best thing is, since security is embedded in every developer focus, you’ll have all your needs met at this year’s InterConnect. So whether you’re developing for mobile, the cloud, cognitive, and more, you know you can count on the event to have a seminar or session about security!

On hand at InterConnect 2017 are security industry leaders and experts. You’ll learn invaluable information – from how to create an optimal security roadmap for your industry, modernizing your operations centers with cognitive security for faster threat detection and incident remediation, and using cognitive computing for analysis on future threats.


There are an impressive 200+ breakout sessions and labs that focus on security this year at InterConnect.

Here are just a few security events that you can expect to see at InterConnect:

  • A security-specific welcome reception.
  • An immersive expo experience that includes a mini SOC.
  • CISO roundtables, user group meetings (Guardium and QRadar, just to name a few).
  • Seminar  on “Watson: AI for Business.”
  • Seminar on “The Future is Now: How a Watson-Enabled Cognitive SOC Augments Threat Investigation.”
  • An IoT security seminar from a cryptographer.
  • Daniel Hoffman, former CIA officer, speaks on cybersecurity and defense in cyberspace.
  • And much, much more!

For the full details of all security events, make sure to check out the PDF for the full Security roadmap at InterConnect 2017.

You can also download the IBM Events mobile app for updates and schedules:

Download the IBM Events mobile app for iOS or Android

Download the IBM Events mobile app for iOS or Android


Want to ask the right questions before you get to Vegas? Read up on the latest in security.


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