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A very active hurricane season!
IBM and the Weather Company have partnered to keep tabs on the impact that weather can have on lives, properties and businesses around the world. Harvey, Irma, Maria and whatever else will be coming our way during this hurricane season, have proven very catastrophic. developerWorks expertise and readily available weather information, can help you create the next great app that could save lives before future scenarios like those destructive hurricanes. Read more.

Science, Star Wars and IBM … You tell me what those 3 have in common!
Most of the technology in Star Wars was conceived in the late 1970s, yet it still seems futuristic.  What IBM Research is working on can seem just as otherworldly. The big difference is that Star Wars tech only works in the movies, while the stuff IBM is working on has every day, real world applications. The galaxy is far, far away, but the science is closer than you think. A new episode each week explains how.

IBM has been the news: It is all about blockchain!
Blockchain has been all the hype for some time now. Everyday, we now hear in the news about how this technology will overcome all sorts of business, human, and global challenges. But what does it really mean to make that a reality? Read: IBM announces major blockchain collaboration with the biggest companies.

Developers, get started with blockchain:

New developerWorks newsletters!
What summer vacation? There’s no rest for the developerWorks team!

This summer featured the launches of:

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developerWorks Sandbox news:
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New journeys on IBM Code:
We are adding new journeys to IBM Code regularly! And our developerWorks Digests usually highlight all of the newest ones biweekly.

Looking for something specific?, we have everything you need to quickly solve real problems: architecture diagrams, one-click deployment git repos, and pointers to essential docs.

Our journeys cover the following topic areas: Analytics, API, AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Containers, Data Science, Data Store, Databases, Gaming, Hybrid Integration, IoT, Java, Messaging, Microservices, Mobile, Platform as a Service, Serverless, Swift on the Server, Systems and Virtual Reality.

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