Hi Everyone! We are almost at the end of our internship, T-1 day left! It’s so amazing how fast time has gone by.

We spent the morning finishing polishing up our courses and working on our suggestions for next year’s IBM Girls Who Code interns. We then hopped on Zoom and presented our courses to Maureen and Janine. Our courses are in recipe format on the IBM developerWorks website with the intent of becoming a part of the Cognitive Curriculum, but feel free to check them out below!

Our presentation to Maureen and Janine went really well and we had so much fun showing them all of our hard work. We were all kind of sad, though, at the end of our Zoom call because we wouldn’t be able to see each other in the office anymore or have our weekly Zoom calls! Of course, we’ll definitely stay in touch and we’ll be in SF together soon, again.

We then spent some time sending off good-byes and thank you’s to everyone we have met during our time as IBM interns. So bittersweet! Finally, we spent some bonding time with the college interns. They still have one more week to go and we will definitely miss seeing them every day! We are going out to sushi together tomorrow for a goodbye lunch, so we still have one more day together!

Keep your eyes open for our last post tomorrow- it’s very special!

As always,

Stay happy. Stay hungry.


P.S.- Last food recommendation! Ah, so many restaurants eaten at, so many left to discover. Well, we’ll finish off with a bang at Hakkasan– an amazing gourmet Chinese restaurant. The restaurant is tucked up in the upper level of a building, so you have to take an elevator up to eat, and you really feel like you are in another world! Their jasmine rice is just fantastic and I highly recommend the ma po tofu, it’s incredible! It’s definitely worth the trip to SF. 🙂

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  1. What’s amazing is what each of you has been able to accomplish and contribute this summer! You took on every challenge with smiles, made the most of each opportunity and were willing to pivot when needed. You’re more than ready for what comes next! Best wishes and come back to visit us soon.

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