A better way to add Watson to your latest Salesforce app
A better way to add Watson to your latest Salesforce app


Today we’re excited to announce the official availability of Watson’s Salesforce SDK. The Watson Apex kit has been developed specifically to support developers who are seeking a simpler way to embed Watson within their Salesforce-based apps. Here’s a quick look at the three key benefits you can get today by tapping into the SDK.

  1. To query Watson Discovery Service or Watson Conversation Service using Apex codebase, you typically must write hundreds of lines of code. Using the new SDK, you can accomplish this same feat with as few as five lines of code, all while sending and receiving data using object models as opposed to raw JSON.
  2. The SDK also provides pre-built assertions for unit testing. This means your off and running with just one line of code.
  3. For each of the Watson services addressed by the SDK, you will find an end-to-end example of use to simplify functional testing for your app or project.

The kit is available as an unmanaged package and on GitHub and can be deployed to your Salesforce Organization in three ways: manually through Ant, manually using Salesforce DX, or automatically with the “Deploy to SFDX” button. The SDK currently offers libraries for Watson’s two most popular services, Watson Conversation and Watson Discovery but additional libraries covering other key Watson services will be added incrementally.

To learn more visit IBM’s GitHub organization and get instant access to Watson with an IBM Cloud account.

If you’re brand new to Watson or just looking for a head-start, check out Embedding Watson Conversation Service…with Salesforce and Integrating Watson Discovery Service…with Salesforce for a step-by-step tutorials on using Watson with Salesforce, together.

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