Can you believe it? We’re already finished with the first month of the new year and rolling into 2018. If you’re looking to catch up on some great technical articles and tutorials to get your career jump-started, here are some of the best from our developerWorks newsletters. We got you covered across all the hot topics and ABCs in tech: From AI to blockchain, cloud computing, and more.

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Big Data & Analytics, February 2018 Newsletter

Blockchain, February 2018 Newsletter

  • Build your first blockchain application – In this code pattern, learn how to build a complete blockchain application using Hyperledger Composer. You’ll start with building the network, then develop smart contracts, and finally automate a business process based on event notifications from the blockchain network.
  • Coffee with blockchain, Filtering out the hype – In this beginner tutorial, sit back, imagine yourself in the global coffee-trading biz, and learn the core concepts of blockchain for business. Once you’re well steeped in the fundamentals, test your knowledge in an interactive demo of a coffee-trading network.
  • Blockchain Innovators webcasts – Led by IBM technical experts, these weekly webcasts are live, interactive, and focus on how developers are using blockchain for business.

Cloud, January 2018 Newsletter

  • Get started with the IBM Cloud – See how to start developing and deploying applications in the IBM Cloud. Doug Tidwell takes you through the basics of developing and deploying an app that’s available worldwide.
  • Create unit tests for pure OpenWhisk actions – Create unit tests for actions that are purely functional, have no side effects, and do not rely on external state. And then run the tests to verify that code changes do not break anything.
  • Get started with Docker and Kubernetes – Build Docker images, run them locally, and then push those images to your IBM Cloud account so you can deploy them to a Kubernetes cluster running in the IBM Cloud.

Code, January 2018 Newsletter

Cognitive Computing, January 2018 Newsletter

  • Getting started with TensorFlow – Take a look at TensorFlow’s framework benefits, supported platforms, installation considerations, and supported languages and bindings.
  • Bot Asset Exchange – Learn more about the Bot Asset Exchange (BAE), which takes a community-driven approach to AI chatbot development. This new exchange enables developers to easily discover, configure, deploy, and be rewarded for bots built with Watson Conversation Service.
  • Models for machine learning – Explore the ideas behind machine learning models and take a look at some key algorithms used for each.

DevOps, February 2018 Newsletter

Internet of Things, January 2018 Newsletter

Open Technology, January 2018 Newsletter

Security, January 2018 Newsletter


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