When building new, cloud ready applications, the current best practice is to adopt a microservices architecture to create small, loosely coupled services instead of an application monolith. With this focus on modular microservices, enterprise applications benefit by becoming easier to maintain, upgrade, and scale on demand. Microservices can also be isolated from technology and language concerns, allowing independent teams to develop faster and maintain their agility throughout the lifecycle of the product.

But an architecture is of little value without the application runtime, tools, and guides necessary to implement it. Thankfully all of that is readily available to you as part of the openliberty.io. open source project.

The Runtime: Open Liberty

Open Liberty is the open source project that is the foundation for the IBM WebSphere Liberty application runtime. It has a modular architecture which enables you to configure only the technologies and features your applications need, giving it a small footprint and fast startup. It has full support for the very latest Java EE and MicroProfile open standards, common security integrations and more, making Open Liberty the perfect match for your Java microservices.

The Programming Model: MicroProfile

MicroProfile is the open standard for architecting Enterprise Java microservices. It allows you to be able to quickly add various capabilities to your microservices with minimal effort, from fault tolerant features to provide application resiliency, health and metrics features to monitor your production applications, and much more. With widespread industry collaboration and support, the MicroProfile standard will also help ensure your microservices are able to run on multiple runtimes, avoiding the dreaded vendor lock-in.

The Tools & Guides

But wait, there’s more! Open Liberty also has integration with tools that developers have come to expect, such as support for Maven and Gradle. The WebSphere Developer Tools (WDT) plugin for Eclipse also makes for a powerful tool in the hands of developers, helping to develop, package, and deploying their applications.

In addition to the standard reference materials, Open Liberty has an expanding list of Guides to walk you through various emerging and crucial technologies that you’ll want to consider leveraging in your application. Our interactive guides get you started even quicker, avoiding environment setup issues by containing everything to your browser. And if you still get stuck, fret not, thanks to the open source nature of Open Liberty and the openliberty.io site, the help of the entire community is only one GitHub issue away.

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