IBM’s 50 qubit quantum computing system will be on display at the Index – San Francisco conference, February 20-22, 2018.

While AI, blockchain and cloud computing are typically front and center when conversation turns to emerging computing technologies dominating the minds of developers these days, there’s a new buzzworthy technology that’s expected to unleash a whole new developer revolution – quantum computing.

Quantum computing will see the emergence of a completely new field for developers to write software for, and will present an entirely new way to code. It’s admittedly still early days, but there’s no doubt that quantum’s advent is starting to build excitement in the developer community.

To help developers begin to explore and find their way into quantum computing, the upcoming Index – San Francisco conference happening February 20-22 is offering an interactive quantum computing tutorial that will discuss recent scientific advancements that are making quantum computing a reality.

The session, entitled “Using QISkit: The SDK for Quantum Computing,” will also explore quantum’s potential first use cases, and new tools, including QISKit, an open-source software developer kit for quantum computing. It will also feature IBM Q Experience, a cloud-based quantum computing system being used by more than 60,000 quantum practitioners. As well, Index attendees will get their first look at, and can take pictures of, IBM’s impressive prototype 50 qubit quantum computing system.

The quantum session at Index – San Francisco will leave attendees with a better understanding of how to run algorithms on a quantum computer and how to best prepare for the unique demands quantum will present to developers, as well as an appreciation for the differences between classical and quantum computing – and how and why the latter has the potential to solve problems that are unsolvable by today’s classical computers.

For developers who are already beginning to explore the promise and potential of quantum computing, IBM recently launched the IBM Q Awards Contest Program to encourage more of them to take the quantum leap. The challenges are built on the premise that a quantum computer is only as useful as the software which can take advantage of it. Learn more about the quantum competition from this post by IBM Research.

A Gathering of Open Communities

The Index conference is opening by hosting Community Day, with a first-of-its-kind gathering of some of the leading open source projects in the world. Developers can come on Day 0, check out all of the projects, see the IBM 50 qubit quantum system and ask questions. The first day is free and open to all. Please register in advance so we can plan accordingly!

Throughout the event, developers also will have the opportunity to learn from other developers, peers who are industry leading experts focused on developing the future of secure, smart and scalable software.

Learn more about and register for Index – San Francisco.

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