One of the qualities of cloud computing is that is is an enabler of change and constantly re-inventing itself. As well as providing opportunities, this can present real challenges, since when embarking on a project that is delivering to the cloud, you must be prepared to embrace changes to the underlying platform as you go along and indeed look out for changes that might impact your application during it’s post-development operational phase.

You can keep up to date with news about new services and changes to existing ones on the IBM Cloud through a number of sites, such as the IBM Cloud Blog, IBM developerWorks and Thoughts on Cloud. This blog is one in a series which has been created by myself and a team of colleagues that work directly with clients, helping them with the success of their projects on the IBM Cloud. Here, we curate a collection of links to news and stories about the IBM Cloud which we think are interesting or provide some important news or information. I hope you enjoy reading this weeks collection!

What’s New

From Zero to 100 MPH – Building, protecting and monetizing your cloud solution
What’s included in the IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI version 1.3.3
IBM Cloud Support: An integrated client experience
IBM goes to KubeCon EU 2018


Converting Your Applications from IBM Single Sign-On service to IBM Cloud App ID
IBM Cloud Platform now adds support for Multi-Factor Authentication

Compute Infrastructure

Plan, create and update deployment environments with IBM Cloud CLI and Terraform
Automate deployment of environments using Infrastructure as Code
Top 5 reasons to modernize legacy applications in the cloud
Get enterprise-level cloud for less with IBM Transient Virtual Servers

AI Articles and Tutorials

Convolutional neural networks
Weaving patterns with artificial intelligence
Watson Assistant

Blockchain Developer Centre

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