The Digital Business Group internship is designed to give high school/pre-college students the opportunity to be interns at IBM, develop the skills, experiences, and networks that are critical to launching a career in the STEM field. For the first two weeks, we were held responsible for designing, building and testing a variety of projects that support IBM’s cloud and cognitive developer outreach activities in the U.S. A total of 7 different projects were given to us which includes: IBM Code Social Outreach, IBM Code Video Marketing Project, IBM Code Blog, IBM Code Influencer Identification, IBM Code Content, IBM Code Local Language, and IBM Code Newsletter Development. We focused on Social Outreach and Video Marketing mostly for these first two weeks as well.

Spotswood’s RTP Summer Intern Experience

Under our project lead, Meagan Sams, we started working on IBM Code Newsletter Development using the Oxygen and Watson Campaign Automation applications. The Project Scope that we will be responsible for is content gathering, coding, publishing, and reporting for one of the multiple newsletters the outreach team is responsible for. We will help and increase a newsletter subscription by proposing a promotion plan that will be tested on one of the external newsletters and applied to others, after testing. The team is looking to launch a couple of new topical newsletters towards the end of the year. The subscription list will need to be built prior to the initial launch and we will help the team with day to day requests as needed. Finally, we will analyze our marketing automation platform instance and dashboard to propose a clean-up exercise to make the current layout more user-friendly.

By the end of the project, we will have delivered several newsletters. We will also have delivered a promotion plan for an upcoming newsletter (building a subscription list of at least/min 100 subs by the end of the internship). We will have proposed a user-friendly way to restructure our marketing automation instance/platform. There will be day to day project involvement until these items are delivered or completed by the end of the summer internship.

Our goal by the end of the project, it that we use email marketing as a tactic to increase content awareness and traffic to developerWorks and the Code hubs. We also hope to use other methods within the marketing mix to build quality email lists as an asset for future communications. The outcome for the interns is that we learn how to use a content editor and marketing automation system, get an introduction to email marketing as a tactic, understand the nuances of content display and tone through A/B testing and gain experience with digital marketing tactics in general. We will also learn how to report on data and how to use that data to improve email tactics, learn how to increase subscription levels, and work as part of a larger marketing team.

Jack’s RTP Summer Intern Experience

Executive Speaker Mike Perera and networking: Not networking between computers, but using connections that you have made with your fellow employees to help you move up in the world. Last week we went to see an IBM executive who used networking to his advantage, Mike Perera. Mike is a Cuban-American who moved to America and lived in Miami for the majority of his childhood. He went to college and eventually worked for a utility company. From there he jumped from company to company and worked many different jobs. Eventually, he went back to get his MBA from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School and then started to intern at IBM in the marketing division.

He then realized that he should create a five-year plan for himself since he jumped from company to company, earlier in his career. This five-year plan would allow him to really see if technology is what he wanted to do. Mike eventually landed a full-time job and stayed for more than the five-year plan. Over the course of his first five years he leveraged connections with his colleagues and eventually got to the position of Executive Assistant to the General Manager for IBM’s WebSphere Software and System z group. He really enjoyed that experience and in the next ten years that followed, he was promoted to VP of IBM Z Software Client Success. I really enjoyed his speech and learned how to move up in a company. I can’t wait to become part of IBM.

Aathira’s RTP Summer Intern Experience

Many other interesting things have occurred here at IBM during my internship so far! Bob Lord, IBM’s first Chief Digital Officer, made a visit to our RTP location! It was located in the fitness center and there were a variety of breakfast items served for everyone to try and the whole area was decorated with balloons and more! It was a very nice venue and super colorful!


Currently, Bob Lord is tasked with leading the IBM Digital Business Group, where I am an intern. He visited along with a couple of other IBM executives and they answered many questions from RTP employees. The next day, Ginni Rometty came to RTP as well! Ginni Rometty is the CEO of IBM, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have been here when she came to visit. I learned that this was her first visit to RTP in a while since she’s usually on the road. Unfortunately, I did not get to see her in person but we were able to view a live-stream of Ginni’s meeting and were able to listen to her that way!

Apart from these events, we have been introduced to more projects that we will be working on during the summer such as the Local Language, Video, and Influencers projects. All of our projects are mainly to help market IBM in the best way possible! So far, we have been putting out tweets on the developerWorks twitter page to help people become interested in the technologies we are representing (the technologies I have been assigned to focus on are Data and Analytics, IoT, and Containers). We will also be helping with closed captioning on Youtube videos for people who live in different countries and speak a variety of languages. Additionally, one of the main projects we have been assigned is the video marketing project. We are responsible for creating a 30-60 second video marketing a code pattern of our choice. And finally, we are expected to blog about our experiences at IBM, which is what you’re reading right now! All in all, my internship at IBM has brought so many different kinds of experiences and opportunities, and I’m sure that there are so much more to come!


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