The Digital Business Group internship is designed to give high school/pre-college students the opportunity to become IBM interns and develop the skills, experiences, and networks that are critical to launching a career in the STEM field. For the first two weeks, We were held responsible for designing, building and testing a variety of projects that support IBM’s cloud and cognitive developer outreach activities in the U.S. A total of 7 different projects were given to us which includes: IBM Code Social Outreach, IBM Code Video Marketing Project, IBM Code Blog, IBM Code Influencer Identification, IBM Code Content, IBM Code Local Language, and IBM Code Newsletter Development. We focused on Social Outreach and Video Marketing mostly for these first two weeks as well.

Spotswood’s RTP Summer Intern Experience

For the last project, the intern team focused on the creation and presentation of a promotional plan under our project lead, Virginie. A promotional plan is an important marketing tool when it comes to launching a new service or product or expanding your market reach into new verticals or demographics. When planning a promotional campaign, keep in mind that a successful campaign achieves all of the following desired outcomes and goals:

  1. Your promotional message reaches your intended and targeted audience.
  2. Your message is understood by your audience.
  3. Your message stimulates the recipients, and they take action.

The question is how do you achieve these outcomes with your campaign? The process is easy, but it takes “planning” time. Here are the seven steps that we learned that will get your campaign off to the right start.

Assess Marketing Communication Opportunities

It’s important in this first step to examine and understand the needs of your target market. Who is your message going out to? Current users, influencers among individuals, decision-makers, groups, or the general public?

What Communication Channels Will You Use?

In the first step of planning, you should have defined the markets, products, and environments. This information will assist you in deciding which communication channels will be most beneficial. Will you use personal communication channels such as face to face meeting, telephone contact, or perhaps a personal sales presentation? Or will the non-personal communication such as newspapers, magazines, or direct mail work better?

Determine Your Objectives

Keep in mind that your objectives in a promotional campaign are slightly different from your marketing campaign. Promotional objectives should be stated in terms of long or short-term behaviors by people who have been exposed to your promotional communication. These objectives must be clearly stated, measurable, and appropriate to the phase of market development.

Determine Your Promotion Mix

This is where you will need to allocate resources to sales promotion, advertising, publicity, and of course, personal selling. Don’t skimp on either of these areas. You must create awareness among your buyers for your promotional campaign to succeed. A well-rounded promotion will use all these methods in some capacity.

Develop Your Promotional Message

It is the time that you will need to sit down with your team and focus on the content, appeal, structure, format, and source of the message. Keep in mind that promotional campaigns appeal and execution always work together.

Develop the Promotion Budget

This is the exciting part. You must now determine the total promotion budget. It involves determining cost breakdowns per territory and promotional mix elements. Take some time to break down allocations and determine the affordability, percent of sales, and competitive parity. By breaking down these costs, you will get a better idea of gauging the success potential of your campaign.

Determine Campaign Effectiveness

After marketing communications are assigned, the promotional plan must be formally defined in a written document. In this document, you should include situation analysis, copy platform, timetables for effective integration of promotional elements with elements in your marketing mix. You will also need to determine how you will measure the effectiveness once it is implemented. How did the actual performance measure up to planned objectives? You’ll need to gather this information by asking your target market whether they recognized or recall specific advertising messages, what they remember about the message, how they felt about the message, and if their attitudes toward the company were affected by the message.

Overall, this was a very fulfilling last project as the internship officially comes to an end…

Jack’s RTP Summer Intern Experience

We have done many projects over the course of summer and made much progress on all of them. Starting off, we have the Social Outreach project where we had to create daily tweets on the three technologies we were assigned, for me it was blockchain, node.js and cloud. To help us find information on these technologies, we used both the IBM developerWorks and IBM Code website. These sites had many different videos, articles and tutorials on our topics and was very interesting to read about. Eventually we published the tweets on the developerWorks social media platforms and soon got the metrics on well we did, and I was shocked to see how well they worked.

The next big project was this one, the Marketing and Blogging project. As you probably know by now, the main purpose of the project was blog about our experience here get other high schoolers like us to apply for an internship next summer. We publish two blogs each week, which is no easy feat with the multitude of other projects and meeting we have throughout the day, but I always look forward to it because it allows me to express how interesting and fun this internship is.

The final of the major projects is the newsletter project. This project started off very slow but started to pick up traction as internship progressed. We started of learning a bit of how the publishing process works from our project lead, Meagan. Eventually we were all assigned to different editors based on technologies. For me, I was assigned to lead editor for blockchain, John.  Where he wanted help was in finding different links on blockchain to videos, events and news articles. I eventually sent him the links and published the article with the help of Meagan. And just like the tweets we did, we got to see a report on how the newsletter performed. This was very interesting and showed me how much work goes into each article not just here in IBM, but in many other tech companies.

Other than these main three projects, we have also had some smaller projects which included things such as an influencer project. In this project we had find people who very influential on social media when it comes to each of our three technologies. Once we found them, we would follow them or bookmark their page to see what they tweeted. Towards the end of the internship, we presented to the head of the project, Kevin who was very impressed. The IBM internship has been a blessing to be a part of and I can’t wait to come back soon.

Aathira’s RTP Summer Intern Experience

It is our last week at IBM! Time has flown by so quickly it is just amazing! This week the other interns and I have been preparing hard for the two big presentations that we have. One of them was to our RTP team, which just finished yesterday and the second one is to IBM executives Willie and Angel. Yesterday’s RTP presentation went amazing! We shared with everyone what we have learned about marketing and the purpose it has in the working community  and we shared what we all accomplished with the main projects we were assigned to during this internship. Many people asked questions at the end and had a great discussion all around! Now, we are preparing for the biggest presentation this week, which is the one for Willie and Angel! We are having multiple practice sessions with some of our mentors to be as confident and prepared as possible!

We also got to go visit the Agile space at IBM as well this week! We went up a couple of elevators and we got to see the beautiful marketing area! It was a much more colorful than the space we work in! The space had glassed meeting rooms with a screen in the front specifying whether it is already booked for someone to use or not, couches, whiteboards, and chairs everywhere! We even saw a mini presentation area with a large screen built into the wall for presenting any videos or PowerPoint slides! It was super amazing! I actually also job shadowed at Cisco the summer after my sophomore year of high school and the marketing area looked so similar! I was really glad I got to be part of this experience!

Lastly, we also presented our newsletter marketing/promotion plan to Virginie! The first time we presented this plan to her, she was expecting more of a tactical plan to help promote our technologies, containers in my case. So after discussing with Meagan our newsletter project lead, I came up with new ideas to help market the container newsletter. I included a variety of different topics such as tutorials, videos, events, email, social media, and more! Virginie was very happy with my updated version and so was I! It will be super cool to see if they utilize some of the ideas we provided them with in the future to help promote any type of newsletter!

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