The Digital Business Group internship is designed to give high school/pre-college students the opportunity to be interns and develop the skills, experiences, and networks that are critical to launching a career in the STEM field. For the first two weeks, We were held responsible for designing, building and testing a variety of projects that support IBM’s cloud and cognitive developer outreach activities in the U.S. A total of 7 different projects were given to us which includes: IBM Code Social Outreach, IBM Code Video Marketing Project, IBM Code Blog, IBM Code Influencer Identification, IBM Code Content, IBM Code Local Language, and IBM Code Newsletter Development. We focused on Social Outreach and Video Marketing mostly for these first two weeks as well.

Spotswood’s RTP Summer Intern Experience

As we move into the second half of the IBM summer internship, we are starting to focus more on the lengthier and more advanced projects such as the IBM Code Video Marketing Project. We learned a little more about why video marketing is so emphatic and why this project is much more valuable and necessary than we realize. All marketers will agree that market research is important. Because the media landscape is in a constant state of flux and marketers are constantly overwhelmed with data and business priorities, marketers tend to shave timelines, do “internal” research, and lose sight of the need for consumer marketing research for their organizations. Market research however, is essential to your brand’s long-term success. Market research will keep your brand afloat while companies who fail to make research a high priority, drown. Market research should be bumped to the top of your priority list for the following two key reasons.

1.  Market research centers IBM on their consumers

Customers are always your “boss.” Keep the lines of communication open with your “boss” through research. Work hard at understanding and continuously meeting and/or exceeding consumer and customer needs. Even if you purchase your company’s products, you are not the consumer and therefore, focusing on your consumers and their perspective is critical.

2.  It allows IBMers to pursue the most lucrative growth opportunities for the company

Marketers want to grow their business, but we are not always clear on what is the right path to do so. Marketing research can help one weigh and quantify opportunities to prioritize those with the highest revenue potential for the IBM brand.

In terms of what I have done so far, I have identified a code pattern to promote (Artificial Intelligence) and successfully reviewed it with Calvin Powers, the interns’ video marketing project mentor. The code pattern I chose was Watson Visual Recognition and Core ML. I have written down a recap of the code pattern, after interviewing the author of the code pattern, answering the following questions: What does it do? Why would a software developer be interested? I am in the process now of developing a 30 to 60 second script to promote the code pattern that I have chosen. Camtasia, the video editing software, has been successfully downloaded as well. Using Camtasia, I will generate all of the production elements necessary to produce the video I am now in the process of scripting out. In the end, with Calvin’s help, I will edit the production elements to create the final video. (A tweet will be published to promote this code pattern as well.)

As a reminder of the interns’ goals outcomes, the main goal is to use a video to improve a tweet’s effectiveness in driving traffic to a content item. The outcomes will be that we have learned the basics of visual storytelling to generate interest in a topic, learn how to craft a call to action without sounding like a commercial, gain some experience in the basics of video production, and learn how to compare KPIs of our videos against a baseline performance.

Jack’s RTP Summer Intern Experience

For the past several weeks we have had a Social Outreach project. In this project, we must create 2-3 tweets a day on our three topics that we are assigned and for me that would be Blockchain, node.js and Cloud. To do this work, we must use the IBM developerWorks and Code websites and find an article/tutorial. We then read through and get the overall meaning of it. We then create an eye-catching tweet that will lead them to the article/tutorial and the two websites themselves. However, we only put those tweets on a Word document. To get on social media, we use an application called Sprinklr to schedule them. We usually schedule them for all 24 hours of the day to reach everyone globally.


A few days ago I was updated on how well the tweets did and I was shocked. For blockchain, I had the number 1 tweet and had a lot of my tweets appear on the top of the leaderboard. Since I was one of the only ones doing Node.js I also had a lot of my tweets appear there too. However, for cloud I didn’t do as well and it goes to show me that I have a lot of work to do. Thank you to everyone who is so interested in IBM and what it has to offer.

Aathira’s RTP Summer Intern Experience

We are at our halfway point of our internship! It is so amazing that one full month has already passed since we first stepped foot into IBM. We have met so many amazing people, and have had such great experiences so far, I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the support throughout this journey! I have been enjoying every single project that we have been introduced to since each one gives us a different kind of experience that is ultimately helping the company. It is great to be able to know that we are making a different to people all around the world and helping educate them!

Speaking of our projects, everything is still going very well! Recently, the other interns and I met with our Social Outreach lead, Ashley, on learning how to examine the metrics of the tweets we have been sending out. Of my technologies (Data and Analytics, IoT, and Containers), my container tweets had the most clicks. The highest number for me was 137 clicks! I had inferred that my container tweets would be the most popular, because container technology is fairly new and many people are trying to understand what it is and why it is important to companies like IBM. My data analytics tweets placed second for a number of tweets with the highest hitting 117 clicks! I was surprised to find out that IoT tweets weren’t as popular right now because I originally felt people liked learning about IoT and networks way more than data and containers. But you learn something new every day!


Also, for our newsletter project, we have been receiving training from Meagan and learning more about Oxygen, the editing software we will be using to transfer xml files to html. Although, now that the newsletter calendar for this month has been updated, I have learned that I will be helping Michelle on gathering content for the IoT newsletter, which will be launched on August 2nd.

I am really excited to be able to help with this as now I am going to be able to go up an extra level for this newsletter project by helping gather valid content that will really be used! I am also really excited that I get to work specifically on the IoT newsletter, as I enjoy learning about it! In 10th grade, we had a unit where each of us had to take part in debates within our class, and my topic was about IoT, and every since then I have always be intrigued by this technology phenomenon! Like I always say, being here at IBM is such an amazing opportunity and can’t wait to keep you all updated on the action!

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