The Digital Business Group internship is designed to give high school/pre-college students the opportunity to become interns at IBM and develop the skills, experiences, and networks that are critical to launching a career in the STEM field. For the first two weeks, We were held responsible for designing, building and testing a variety of projects that support IBM’s cloud and cognitive developer outreach activities in the U.S. A total of 7 different projects were given to us which includes: IBM Code Social Outreach, IBM Code Video Marketing Project, IBM Code Blog, IBM Code Influencer Identification, IBM Code Content, IBM Code Local Language, and IBM Code Newsletter Development. We focused on Social Outreach and Video Marketing mostly for these first two weeks as well.

Spotswood’s RTP Summer Intern Experience

The interns and I focused on gathering influencers to support various code patterns on the developerWorks web page. We learned several key ideas and concepts around social media influencers. Social media influencers are power users who can help your potential customers, or in this case developers, make a buying decision through social networking. Whether they’re a blogger, product reviewer, industry expert or a trusted source of information, your social media influencers are unique to your field and product or service.

For example, if you’re trying to find a social media influencer on grilling and barbecuing, you’ll want people such as:

  • Food critics in the industry
  • People with popular outdoor cooking Instagram accounts
  • Grilling bloggers who write for major recipe sites
  • Grill and barbecue pit builders
  • Ribs and barbecue contest judges

The interns and I participated and completed a very interesting team and communications activity. If you cannot communicate and articulate your thoughts and ideas, then you are not an effective communicator. This is an extremely important skill that we learned. We communicate using our voices, facial expressions, hand gestures, and writing. Your teachers expect you to write well organized, properly spelled, and thoughtful papers. An employer needs you to be able to get your message across to customers and co-workers. The better your communications skills the more likely you will be to succeed in school and in your life.

The exercise went as follows:

  1.     Broke up into teams of two.
  2.     Each team had 2 Ziploc bags which contain the same twelve LEGO pieces. Each team will have unique pieces.
  3.     Decided who will go first, this will be person A, the person to go second will be person B.
  4.     We placed our chair back to back
  5.     Person A opened their bag and put all of the pieces together to make a unique sculpture. Person B did not look at what person A was doing.
  6.     Person A described how to build the sculpture to person B. Person B attempted to duplicate the sculpture that Person A created without looking at Person A’s final product.
  7.     Once person B completed building their sculpture, then both Person A and Person B compared their sculpture to see if they are an exact match.

Overall, the exercise was a lot more challenging than I predicted it would be. This exercise would have definitely been easier if Person A could see what Person B was doing to direct them in the correct way. Moreover, this was a very interesting change up and break from the usual projects that we are focused on!

Jack’s RTP Summer Intern Experience

Throughout the course of this internship, we have had many different projects including an influencer project where we had to do many different things. First, we had to find the influencers for the each of the three technologies we were assigned. This was difficult for Node.js because it would pull up the wrong stuff, but I fortunately got the influencers for all three technologies. Then we have to find all of their different Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and monitor them to see what they were posting. If they posted something that put IBM in a bad light or worked for a rival company, they were eliminated. When we presented to our project lead, Kevin, I had about 4 for each technology. He was very impressed and even knew a few of the people I found. After the meeting, we each sent him our lists and he will go through and contact the influencers.

Another project I completed was the newsletter project. A week prior, I had published the blockchain newsletter with the help of both Meagan and the editors who graciously walked me through step by step on how to publish it. Now I got to see how well it did and share it with developers. When I got to see it, I was stunned at how well it did and how it helped to grow the IBM following. These two projects were both great and really showed me how IBM is so well recognized.

Aathira’s RTP Summer Intern Experience

We are really busy right now preparing for some of our final presentations! We just recently found out that we are going to be able to present to Willie Tejada and Angel Diaz! Originally, we were just going to present one of our main projects to our project lead and mentors, but after talking to Irene, who is one of our internship managers, she wanted us to have time to present what we have done at IBM to Willie and Angel! We are super excited to get this opportunity! So, we are taking the same presentation we presented on RTP Intern Presentation Day and tweaking it here and there and preparing to present!

Most of our projects are wrapping up at this point. We met with Kevin to present to him our influencer project and he was really happy with our findings! We really got to learn about the whole process on how to find the right person who can help write for IBM. I got to research in depth about people I had never heard of in my life, and along the way I also got introduced to new companies! Overall, it was an awesome experience and getting to know Kevin was awesome! We also met with Meagan for our newsletter projects and we got to see the mailing reports for the newsletters we helped launch! It was really cool seeing what links were the most and least clicked on!

Next week is our last week at our internship and I can’t believe all the awesome experiences we have had so far and I can’t wait to present to Willie and Angel!

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