Hyperledger Composer and the IBM Blockchain Platform

One of the main topics covered at the upcoming Index | San Francisco Conference on February 20-22, 2018 will be blockchain. Our team has seen an incredible amount of interest ranging from the most mature enterprise clients to students and developers just beginning their blockchain journey. That interest has in large part been driven by the promise of blockchain to both disrupt existing business processes and efficiently drive new sources of revenue.

At its heart, blockchain technology enables the creation of new business models and value exchange. IBM, through its contributions to open source organizations such as Hyperledger, has pioneered technology that makes these innovative concepts attainable. Hyperledger’s various projects enable developers to build solutions that can be consumed by the enterprise – from delivering highly secure architectures to sharing tools that enable developers to build specifically for business strategy, not in a silo.

Hyperledger Composer, one of the Hyperledger projects supported by IBM, allows developers to model blockchain networks comprised of business participants, assets and transactions – indicative of the components in an enterprise blockchain network. This defines the blockchain solution in terms easily understood by both business executives and back end developers. Developers can leverage existing integrated development environments including VS Code and Atom to model their business network and begin creating their application.

Using this model, developers are able to quickly create a “full-stack” blockchain solution leveraging multiple run times, web and mobile applications, and existing enterprise systems of record, using skills they already possess to speed adoption of blockchain for its intended purpose.

Next week at INDEX, developers can attend over 100 sessions and hands-on labs, and learn about new software development practices and techniques, including blockchain, which is covered in the event’s Geek Shop track. The blockchain activities include:

In the meantime, IBM has invested substantial resources in blockchain development educational materials, two of which you can find below.

  • IBM Blockchain 101: Quickstart guide for developers — This developerWorks quick-start guide is for application developers who are new to blockchain technology and want to quickly get started with building and piloting blockchain networks.
  • Blockchain @ developerWorks — IBM developerWorks’ front line resource for developers interested in learning more about blockchain: tutorials, courses, blog posts, and more.

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