We here at Rollio all come from either a Salesforce using company, or a Natural Language Processing (NLP) background, and truly believe the motto Salesforce and its user companies have: “If it isn’t in Salesforce, it didn’t happen.” Because in a CRM platform like Salesforce, data is the single most important resource. Without clear data, it would be nearly impossible for a business to market effectively, personalize their offerings, and boost customer satisfaction and retention. For data to be useable it must be precisely captured in Salesforce by human agents. Unfortunately, that data capture process can become chaotic and time-consuming, therefore diminishing any returns these resources can provide. And we all know, bad data equals fewer advantages.

So, we built Rollio – an intelligent AI assistant designed to handle manual data entry, and we built it directly into Salesforce’s core. Rollio uses a custom-built AI/NLP engine and Watson’s Speech-to-Text API to allow users to communicate with Rollio easily, thereby providing the ultimate solution to the time-consuming task of CRM data entry.

In our research, we quickly discovered that customers and partners seek an AI solution for three discrete reasons.

  • To increase productivity and performance
  • To simplify adoption in a CRM system like Salesforce
  • To provide better data compliance and accountability

We also found that all of these needs can be met by leveraging the most popular communication channel used by our partners and clients – the human voice. Rollio integrates seamlessly with Salesforce to enable sellers to capture client data using natural language. Courtesy of Watson’s Speech-to-Text service, all they have to do is speak to Rollio like a person, and Rollio automatically populates Salesforce with meaningful data in the appropriate fields. If there’s any missing data, Rollio will immediately follow-up with questions or prompts to ensure that it has everything it needs to set the stage properly. Capturing CRM data with Rollio gives sellers their time back so they can focus on selling and making customers happy, not creating reports.

With Watson, we have complete control of the speech data of our users, and we can fully train our speech service to grow with our user base. The Watson Software Development Kit was so easy to implement that it took only two days and less than ten lines of code to install. Now, powered by Watson’s trusted cloud-based security, we are in complete control over our data. Plus, we were able to train Rollio, courtesy of Watson, to understand accents, abbreviations, and domain specific verbiage, cementing it as the ultimate data capturing tool.

Due to how easy it was to implement the Watson SDK, we were able to maintain our release date and provide the full functionality of our offered service. With Watson, Rollio can do away with the arduous manual process of data entry and replace it with the elegance of the human voice. Rollio is going to completely change the way users interact with Salesforce.

To get started with the Watson Software Development Kits, visit https://github.com/watson-developer-cloud/salesforce-sdk.

Author – Jake Soffer

Jake is the Founder & President of Rollio. He leads the company’s growth and strategy. He also stays involved at the deepest levels from AI development, product management, and sales growth

Jake started Rollio in his dorm room while at RPI, studying computer engineering. Passionate about information flow and Artificial Intelligence, in tandem with his frustration with the time expenditure and adoption issues of data entry (recognized while working at Acceleprise Ventures) he connected the dots to start building what would eventually become Rollio.

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