What language barrier? 
– asks New York based cloud consulting firm CrowdMole. Using Watson Language Translator, CrowdMole is able to expand their target audience while being able to accommodate domain-specific knowledge into their services.

The melting pot of New York City is home to many languages. When it comes to integrating Watson Language Translator, CrowdMole’s use case enhances the speed of communication, improves responsiveness, and results in customer satisfaction when deploying IBM Watson to provide multilingual capabilities.

When approaching digital marketing and client communication, CrowdMole empathizes with clients and realizes that individuals think they need complex technical solutions; however, the main message becomes a lost opportunity to progress the conversation between parties. CrowdMole uses Watson Language Translator to provide simple custom translations catering to various dialects as well as industry-specific terms.

CrowdMole and Watson Language Translator

“The volume of translation requests and proposals will force users to use machine translation services such as Watson Language Translator.”  

– Colin Sumter, Team CrowdMole



Colin Sumter from CrowdMole, tells how everyday people need to perform transactions, yet don’t have the right words to describe what they need. To connect with their clients, CrowdMole leverages Watson Language Translator’s customization tools to help account for these nuances.

“We own our data and the custom language models we make so that we can better personalize requests.” 

– CrowdMole Employee

One of our methods of communication with clients is Twitter. When we receive questions in various languages we identify the language and then respond in the native language through a multilingual tool powered by Watson. The tool serves as a real-time translator to help personalize the customer’s experience.

In an era of connected devices, businesses require ways to personalize their communications to foster meaningful relationships that will accelerate commerce. With an estimated market size of $45B, tapping into this market is now easier than ever. By speaking and understanding your user’s habits, multilingual solutions result in increased satisfaction and drive long-lasting customer relationships.

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