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Putting GeoJSON on the Map with Mapbox and Cloudant

At The New Builders, we’re always excited to see tools that give developers a chunk of new functionality and present it in a way that’s...

[Podcast] Mastering the Force with Bluemix and Watson IoT

We’re seeing the rise of a new type of programming culture – a more inclusive, more open environment where even those lacking extensive programming experience...

Apache CouchDB 2.0 is here!

This week, the Apache Software Foundation announced the long-awaited release of Apache® CouchDB™ 2.0, which brings vastly improved scalability, as well as performance and UI...

8 guidelines for building consumer-like enterprise apps

The ubiquity of apps – on smartphones, in-browser and in wearable devices – has forever altered the way people live and it’s also changing the...

Navigating the world of modern data stores and NoSQL

Ever since the internet blew up the world of enterprise data and application silos in the mid-1990s, software engineers have been continuously challenged to integrate...

PODCAST: Open source stories from ApacheCon North America

The New Builders podcast covers this year's ApacheCon, where Apache leaders and industry speakers discuss the many benefits of open source projects.

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