Glynn Bird

Before joining IBM Cloud Data Services, Glynn served as the Head of IT and Development for Central Index, creating a white-label frontend for a NoSQL business directory (using PHP, Node.js, MySQL, Redis, Cloudant, and Redshift). His experience includes writing CRM systems, "find my nearest" indexes, e-commerce platforms, and a phone tracking app. He also built a transport route-planning system in Java. Glynn got his start in Research and Development for the steel industry, creating control and instrumentation systems. Outside work, Glynn enjoys guitars, football, crosswords, and Victorian fiction.

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Defensive Coding in Map/Index Functions

IBM Cloudant allows custom Javascript to generate indexes for MapReduce and Lucene search indexes. This article outlines solutions to common pitfalls.

Cloudant Query Grows Up to Handle Ad Hoc Queries

Cloudant Query is the best way to get started with querying IBM Cloudant databases - a simple API call is used to define the list...

Building a Cloudant Cluster of Raspberry Pis

We built an IBM Cloudant cluster of Raspberry Pis - no software to install, no drivers required, no SQL!

Avoiding Document Conflicts and Conflict-Proof Design in IBM Cloudant – Part Three

Learn how to avoid document conflicts arising in the first place, by employing conflict-proof design patterns in IBM Cloudant.

Detecting and Resolving Document Conflicts in IBM Cloudant – Part Two

Learn more about document conflicts in the IBM Cloudant JSON doc store: How to detect conflicts singly and in bulk, and how to resolve conflicts.

Introduction to Document Conflicts in IBM Cloudant – Part One

Document conflicts in the IBM Cloudant JSON doc store: What are they? How do they arise? What does a conflict look like? What are the...

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