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Jenni Aloi is part of the dW editorial team, focusing on external content acquisitions in the areas of Java, web and open source technologies.

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Making good on the promise of Promises with ECMAScript 6

  Like everyone, there are days when my job gets me down. It’s hectic, with competing priorities and a “needs to be done yesterday” mentality...

Lessons learned at JavaOne 2016 in San Francisco!

I was delighted when in August my manager got approval for me to attend JavaOne. It had been some time since I’d been to this important...

Java Streams, Redux, and more!

Not long ago, I wrote a post showing off the new Java development hub and one detailing the return of Brian Goetz as a contributor. This...

Dive into the Java Streams library with Oracle’s Brian Goetz

Oracle’s Java Language Architect, Brian Goetz, returns to dW with the first three parts of a deep dive into Java Streams.

The new face of developerWorks Java

As you may have noticed, developerWorks has been rolling out a modern, more-navigable new design over the past few months with a facelift for Java....

Get your Linux (LPIC-1) certification exam prep materials here!

Updated and new tutorials provide hands-on, self-paced prep guides for the Linux Professional Institute Certification exams, 101 and 102.

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Making the cut: Top Java content from developerWorks

A quick rundown of the top content published in the Java hub in 2017.