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Steve Perry has been a professional software developer since 1991 using a variety of languages, but his favorite is Java. He is the author of Java Management Extensions (O'Reilly), Log4j Shortcut (O'Reilly) and has moderated the developerWorks Java Enterprise Open Source Application Architecture community. He has been a developerWorks contributor since 2009. Steve is Principal Consultant for Makoto Consulting Group, Inc. in Little Rock, AR, USA. When he isn't playing hockey or practicing yoga, Steve likes to make educational videos and post them on YouTube for Makoto TV. Check it out here and please subscribe!

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Apache Kafka: Change the way you think about big data and enterprise messaging

  You’ve probably heard of Apache Kafka. Streaming data and records for applications and data pipelines, Kafka can act as an enterprise messaging system given...

What is Vaadin? A faster approach to Java web applications

Overview of Vaadin Vaadin is a web application framework written in Java, and built on Google Web Toolkit (GWT). The mission of Vaadin Ltd (the...

What is Docker Swarm? A discussion on container orchestration & potential solutions

You’ve heard of Docker. Duh. And if you’re like me, you LOVE it. (I mean, what’s not to love?) At some point when you use...

The top five reasons you should be using Node-RED right now!

You’ve probably heard of Node-RED. You know, that super awesome, browser-based, draw-the-flows and connect-the-nodes tool for integrating IoT devices with applications? Yeah, that one. Maybe you’ve considered using...

What is Kubernetes?

  You’ve heard of Kubernetes, but what is it, really? Can you explain it to your boss? Or your coworkers? Or your dog? Kubernetes is...

What is Apache Spark?

  You’ve heard of Apache Spark, but can you really explain it? What problems does it solve? How does it solve them? If you want...

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