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IBM and Girls Who Code Partner to Advance Cognitive and Data Science Opportunities for Girls

Reshma Saujani, Founder and CEO, Girls Who Code
Reshma Saujani, Founder & CEO, Girls Who Code
Catherine Solazzo
Catherine Solazzo,
VP, IBM Ecosystem Activation & Experience

IBM has witnessed firsthand the passion that Girls Who Code has for training, supporting and inspiring young women to choose careers in development and data science. We have seen the relationship between IBM and Girls Who Code blossom over the past few years with IBM’s support of the Summer Immersion Programs.

Girls Who Code
IBM Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty and Girls Who Code founder and CEO Reshma Saujani announce a new partnership at IBM InterConnect 2017 to foster cognitive and data science learning opportunities for young women.

We have also seen the ingenuity, creativity and promise these young developers can have when they build on cloud and cognitive.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and Girls Who Code CEO & Founder Reshma Saujani shared on stage at IBM InterConnect 2017 that both companies intend to expand their collaboration in the areas of education and training for young women who participate in Girls Who Code Clubs.

The intent is to make Cognitive Curriculum available for both current program members and alumni who aspire to pursue careers in development and data science in the form of online learning modules.

This proposed partnership is intended to advance technology inclusion, continuous learning and access to leading-edge training for young women interested in careers in development. Working together, IBM and Girls Who Code aspire to cultivate the cognitive natives of tomorrow.

For more information, visit: Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code
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IBM and Galvanize Launch New Cognitive Curriculum on IBM Cloud for Developers and Data Scientists

IBM and Galvanize today announced new cognitive, cloud and data science initiatives on IBM Cloud which will aim to increase the talent pool of cognitive developers and data scientists.

InterConnect News

This partnership will work to bridge the emerging skills gap for professionals by tapping the accessibility of cloud to bring an advanced cognitive and data skills curriculum to a broad range of global developers and data scientists.

This extension of the IBM and Galvanize partnership consists of the new IBM Cognitive Course, delivered digitally through Bluemix, IBM’s cloud platform. The collaboration also includes physical spaces for training and education through the new “Cognitive Builder Fair” initiative and the “Cognitive Builder Space,” both of which provide opportunities for hands-on learning and access to cognitive and data science experts.

The curriculum will be hosted on IBM Bluemix, which provides the foundation and services for a range of development environments, including the Watson Data Platform, the Watson Developer Cloud Platform, and the IBM Data Science Experience.

Technology advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are moving rapidly, and as is the case with any budding industry, a skills gap is emerging in which the market doesn’t have enough experienced developers to address the growing demand for cognitive and AI development. IBM and Galvanize together will bring cognitive skills and data science curriculum to individuals interested in some of the most lucrative careers in tech and in helping bring to bear the benefits of man and machine.

“There is simply more demand for cognitive and AI development skills than currently exists in the market,” said Willie Tejada, IBM Chief Developer Advocate. “We want to help developers access the skills required to pursue some of the most lucrative jobs in tech, while supporting business by increasing the talent pool. The cognitive and AI revolution is upon us, and together with organizations like Galvanize we can advance the state of technology innovation and increase contributions from more people than ever before.”

The new programs integrate IBM’s skills and subject matter expertise in data science and cognitive development with Galvanize’s immersive learning philosophy and deep community of students, startups, and instructors. IBM is among the first major cognitive technology providers to design such a course to prepare next-generation developers and data scientists for new collar jobs that support the fast pace of innovation in this area.

  • The IBM Cognitive Course is an online, self-directed, four-week program lead by Galvanize and hosted on IBM Bluemix. The approximately 40 hours will cover an introduction to machine learning and AI and the business problems these cognitive technologies can solve; prototyping cognitive products with IBM Watson APIs; emerging roles from architect to developer and operations; and challenges of building a cognitive system in its entirety. Developers representing a major systems integrator, a venture capital group and a leading retail chain are anticipated to be among the first to receive the IBM Cognitive Course at the IBM India Labs.
  • The Cognitive Builder Fair Initiative will house a series of events in Austin, Denver, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston. These two-day builder fairs will include workshops, tutorials, and hands-on labs. The events will also provide a forum for local cognitive developers and data scientists to exchange ideas, as well as engage in hackathons at which participants can use cognitive solutions to tackle major social, environmental and business challenges.
  • The Cognitive Builder Space and Integration Initiative will bring the cognitive and data science learning communities together for in-depth training sessions, networking events, meetups, hackathons, and competitions. They will include space where developers and data scientists can participate in hands-on opportunities with data science and cognitive technologies.

This partnership with Galvanize extends the relationship between IBM and Galvanize, which was founded in 2014 with the launch of IBM Bluemix Garages. The San Francisco and New York locations of the IBM Bluemix Garage network are hosted within the Galvanize campuses in those cities, embedding IBM in the heart of Galvanize’s entrepreneurial tech learning communities. Also located in London, Toronto, Melbourne, Nice, Singapore and Tokyo, IBM Bluemix Garages serve as a hub where developers, product managers and designers can come together to build on Bluemix.

For more information, visit: ibm.com/cloud-computing
Press Release: IBM and Galvanize Launch New Cognitive Curriculum on IBM Cloud for Developers and Data Scientists
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“There is simply more demand for cognitive and AI development skills than currently exists in the market” ~ Willie Tejada, IBM Chief Developer Advocate.
InterConnect 2017
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IBM Launches New Developer Tools for Financial Services

Developer Tools for Financial Services
InterConnect News

At IBM InterConnect 2017, IBM today announced the launch of the new IBM Cloud for Financial Services to offer the basic building blocks for the creation of financial services apps on the IBM cloud. With this new tool, enterprise and individual developers alike will have access to APIs, data, and content to build and monetize cognitive-enabled financial services apps quickly and at scale for FinTechs, banks, wealth management firms, and insurance companies.

Initially available in beta, developers will also have the ability to build in customer insights, regulatory compliance analytics, security, privacy, and compliance readiness to help reduce development and testing time. The new tools can simplify the time-consuming tasks of selection, mapping and data integration, allowing them to user IBM services or combine them with their own data.

To ensure that the new developer services are accessible to broad communities of builders around the world, IBM is also working with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the central bank of Singapore and a global promoter of FinTech innovation.

MAS and IBM are collaborating on the Singapore FinTech Hub, which is linked to IBM’s financial services developer cloud. The Hub will serve as a catalyst to support Singapore FinTechs by providing information about local policies and developments in the ecosystem, access to cognitive and other APIs, insight to accelerate innovation, and a platform to showcase made-in-Singapore solutions to the world.

You can learn more about the IBM Cloud for Financial Services via developerWorks developer.ibm.com/finance
Press Release: IBM Launches New Developer Tools for Financial Services
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“We have extensive expertise in financial services with 97 percent of the world’s largest banks relying on IBM. At the same time, IBM has become the leading AI platform for business,” ~ Bridget van Kralingen, IBM Senior Vice President, Industry Platforms.

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IBM Automates Compliance and Security for Multi-Cloud Workloads

Cloud Secure Virtualization
InterConnect News

At IBM InterConnect 2017, IBM today announced a new cloud-based solution that provides workload security for data and applications and automates reporting to assist with regulatory requirements. The solution, IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization, is optimized for technology from Intel and HyTrust to simplify reporting demands for organizations in highly regulated industries and provide hardware-enhanced workload security.

IBM deploys an immune system-like approach to security – with data analytics and Watson for CyberSecurity helping clients to discover, manage and remediate threats across the entire enterprise. IBM is providing a security-rich cloud computing environment for customers by incorporating its own security technologies with capabilities from partners Intel and HyTrust.

IBM Cloud designed this new offering to assist clients with security concerns and compliance reporting readiness. IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization is a unique collaboration that automates the deployment of Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) and HyTrust CloudControl, DataControl and BoundaryControl software on IBM Cloud infrastructure.

The solution runs on VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud, taking advantage of the infrastructure automation jointly developed by IBM and VMware. This advanced automation supports deployment and integration of Intel and HyTrust technologies with the unified SDDC platform from VMware so IBM clients can continue to use familiar tools to manage their workloads without having to retool or refactor applications.

This agility allows a client to go from months to days to deploy a security-rich cloud environment with reporting readiness capabilities that can assist with regulatory requirements.

Specifically geared toward clients in highly regulated industries, IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization is designed to give enterprises control over where their data is located to address performance, security or data privacy needs.

With IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization, clients may benefit from:

  • Continuous monitoring and real-time reporting to help address regulatory readiness and reporting for industry compliance standards such as PCI 3.0, HIPAA and FISMA, among others.
  • Geo-fencing at the hardware level for more control over where data can and cannot be moved.
  • More granular access controls to help reduce operational risk and configuration errors.
To learn more about IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization visit ibm.com/cloud-computing/bluemix/products/secure-virtualization Press Release: IBM Automates Compliance Controls and Data Security for Multi-Cloud Workloads.
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“With the rapid proliferation of data, cloud is becoming the platform enterprises turn to for innovation, but security and compliance concerns remain top of mind.” ~ John Considine, General manager for cloud infrastructure at IBM.

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IBM Expands Watson Discovery Capabilities

At IBM InterConnect today in Las Vegas, Nevada, IBM announced new and expanded capabilities that enhance IBM Watson’s data analysis and discovery capabilities on the IBM Cloud.

In April, IBM will roll out new beta functionality in the Watson Discovery Service. The functionality will enable relevancy training and passage retrieval capabilities to find better answers, adding to the service’s existing ability to identify useful patterns and insights in large datasets.

Many data scientists spend as much as 80 percent of their time on “data janitor” work – collecting, cleaning and organizing data sets. With the Watson Discovery Service, IBM is giving users the power to unlock value in data without having to spend unnecessary resources on complex data pipeline engineering and data wrangling challenges.

Today, developers go through many cumbersome steps to create solutions that can extract insights from unstructured data, often requiring developers to integrate multiple services to achieve the desired result.

The Watson Discovery Service packages core Watson AI capabilities with simple tooling and APIs that enable developers to quickly upload, enrich, and index large collections of your private data and use this with NLP-enriched public data provided out of the box with Watson Discovery.

With the newest beta capabilities, developers can improve end user experience by displaying answers that are within passages without any additional configuration or special processing. Additionally, developers can take advantage of the relevancy training module to further customize responses using a machine learning model.

Additionally, IBM will soon release an experimental platform solution called Watson Company Profiler, a pre-built cognitive discovery solution that will enable company intelligence and analysis for business users.

Built using Watson Discovery Service, Watson Company Profiler accesses Dun & Bradstreet’s commercial database of 265 million business records and sifts through 30,000 global data sources to identify relevant insights about a company.

Surfacing publicly available data, like content from news outlets, social media, journals or annual reports, as well as Dun & Bradstreet proprietary data, Watson Company Profiler can help businesses glean meaningful insights.

To better understand how Watson Company Profiler will be used, consider the job of a financial services leader looking to strengthen her/his company’s capabilities. This person will use Watson Company Profiler to acquire market intelligence needed to better understand the competitive landscape, product positioning and potentially to identify new targets for a merger or acquisition.

To learn more about Watson Company Profiler or to sign up for release updates, visit the Watson Company Profiler landing page.

For more information visit Watson Discovery Service

Press Release: IBM Accelerates Data Optimization with New Watson Discovery Capabilities.
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Watson Discovery Service Overview

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IBM Announces New Pricing Model to Change Cloud Storage Economics

Simplifies Cold Storage Pricing Model and Speeds Up Data Recovery

At IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas, Nevada, IBM today unveiled new additions to the IBM Cloud Object Storage family.

InterConnect News

The company is offering clients new choices for archival data and a new pricing model to more easily apply intelligence to unpredictable data patterns using analytics and cognitive tools. IBM also announced an expanded partnership with NetApp that provides NetApp customers with more ways to take advantage of IBM Cloud.

Companies typically have to manage across three types of data workloads: “hot” for data that’s frequently accessed and used; “cool” for data that’s infrequently accessed and used; and “cold” for archival data. Cold storage is often defined as cheaper, but slower; for example, if a business uses cold storage, it typically has to wait extended periods of time to access data, limiting the ability to rapidly use that data to derive insights. As a result, there is a tendency to store data in more expensive hot storage.

IBM’s new cloud storage service, IBM Cloud Object Storage Flex (Flex), uses a “pay as you use” model of storage tiers potentially lowering the price by 53 percent compared to AWS S3 IA1 and 75 percent compared to Azure GRS Cool Tier. Flex is a new cloud storage service offering simplified pricing for clients whose data usage patterns are difficult to predict. Flex enables clients to benefit from the cost savings of cold storage for rarely accessed data, while maintaining high accessibility to all data.

Additionally, the IBM Cloud Object Storage Cold Vault (Cold Vault) service gives clients access to cold storage data on the IBM Cloud and is designed to lead the category for cold data recovery times among major competitors. Cold Vault joins the existing Standard and Vault tiers to complete a range of cloud storage tiers that are available with expanded expertise and methods via Bluemix and through the IBM Bluemix Garages.

NetApp and IBM are also expanding a long-standing partnership with the launch of new capabilities that allow NetApp customers to take advantage of IBM Cloud.

NetApp’s AltaVault cloud backup solutions will now automatically be able to send backups to IBM Cloud Object Storage on IBM Cloud. Incorporating native support for IBM Cloud Object Storage into AltaVault solutions allows NetApp users to deploy backup data to the IBM Cloud.

It also helps reduce unnecessary data center expansion and enables AltaVault users to take advantage of IBM Cloud Object Storage’s flexibility, security and regional fault tolerance.


“NetApp and IBM are also expanding a long-standing partnership with the launch of new capabilities that allow NetApp customers to take advantage of IBM Cloud”

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Wanda and IBM Sign Agreement to Bring IBM Cloud to China

Wanda Group
InterConnect News

Wanda Internet Technology Group and IBM have signed an agreement in Beijing today for Wanda to enter the public cloud business through the formation of a new company built on IBM’s Cloud Platform.

Through the new Wanda Cloud Company, Chinese businesses will have access to select IBM cloud infrastructure and platform-as-a-service (IaaS and PaaS) technologies. IBM’s Cloud platform is built to drive business innovation by providing advanced technologies like Watson, blockchain, and Internet of Things that companies can tap into to drive new value.

Wanda will deploy leading-edge technologies through the IBM Cloud Platform nationwide through a network of cloud data centers. This agreement is designed to meet the growing demand for cloud computing and cognitive capabilities in the Chinese market.

IBM will introduce Watson services to China through this new partnership, starting with Watson Conversation services, which allows developers to add natural language interactions between apps and customers. Additional Watson services are planned in the future as part of the partnership, helping to continue to provide one of the most competitive cloud platforms in China.

For more about IBM Cloud, visit ibm.com/cloud-computing
Press Release: Wanda and IBM Sign Agreement to Bring IBM Cloud to China Through New Wanda Cloud Company
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Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin and IBM Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty attended the signing ceremony.