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Date(s) - 06/01/2017 - 07/31/2017
12:00 am EDT


The SETI Institute is hosting a global, online code challenge to find a robust signal classification algorithm for use in our mission to find E.T. radio communication.

The Code Challenge
The challenge is to build a machine-learning based signal classifier that can be used for observations made in real time at the ATA. The winning classifier of the code challenge will be implemented at the ATA and become part of the data analysis pipeline.

The challenge will last from June 1 to July 31st. Submitted entries will be judged based on their classification accuracy, accuracy for low-amplitude signals, and speed of single event classification. More details will be provided later about how to submit your work.

Learn more and register for the SETI Institute Code Challenge!

The Hackathon
In addition to the code challenge, an associated hackathon is planned. The hackathon is a weekend-long event, also aimed at building signal classifiers using the labeled simulated data set. Learn more about the hackathon.