IBM offers a variety of events for advancing your technical skills. Our events are focused on developers, and are designed to deliver the right information at the right time.

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Hackathons are a learn-by-doing competitive event that gives developers a chance to build innovative applications, usually based on a theme or challenge presented at the hackathon. Participants are encouraged to use IBM Bluemix for their hackathon applications so that they can build, extend, and scale their applications quickly and efficiently. Bluemix has an open architecture built on Cloud Foundry, and ensures extensive integration opportunities with other cloud and on-premise services.

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Workshops and Bootcamps come in many formats, from small coding sessions and panels, to hands-on labs. They provide opportunities for developers and technology professionals to learn about developing applications with speed and simplicity on Bluemix, IBM’s Cloud-based platform for building, managing and running apps of all types. Events are held at worldwide locations as well as virtually, and cover key industry themes including Big Data & Analytics, Mobile, Watson and Internet of Things. These events are an excellent way to collaborate with other developers and experience success in the Cloud!

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A meetup is a condensed version of the workshop where participants gain easy access to IBM Cloud technologies (includes Mobile, BD&A, Dev Ops, JAVA, IoT). This more informal environment is an excellent venue for taking your ideas and projects to the next level, and a great opportunity to expand your network.

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Premium events

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