AI to fight against the Covid-19 virus with EPF Montpellier

June 26, 2020

This unprecedented health crisis is helping to generate large volumes of data that scientists are analyzing to monitor the disease, guide action and find treatments.
Pandemic data can be difficult to interpret because the time between the onset of an epidemic and its visible effects in the community is long, particularly at the global level.
Data science can be invaluable in dealing with these data.

Artificial intelligence can play an important role throughout the epidemic life cycle: detection, spread, pandemic management and recovery care.

In this context, the EPF de Montpellier (, in collaboration with Comwatt (Anastasia Lieva) and IBM (Christophe Menichetti), has developed a data visualization tool and a prediction model to help decision-making and pandemic management.

Tristan Le Pennec ( and Maximilien Perez (, students in the 4th year of the Major Energy & Environment (MEE) pedagogical module of Ms. Mouton Julia, will present their project, share their work on time predictions and demonstrate their tool.

We will extend the subject by concluding with presentations of IBM’s AI solutions to fight pandemics and help companies in the crisis, by Christophe Menichetti – Lead Data Architect of the Montpellier Global Customer Center.

While waiting for the meetup more info :