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An Experiential Journey With Data to Inspire Your Work, Data Science Workshop

April 29, 2020 8:15 am MST

This workshop includes surprising use cases that will make you think differently about data, sometimes laugh and hopefully inspire your own work to discover actionable insights in the mounds of data available. The use cases and introductory material will be followed by a hands-on experiential journey addressing a common challenge across industries – how to improve the customer experience. The most valuable part of this workshop is that it is designed to help you gain experience and relate it to your work – so at the end you have a plan of action on how you can make data more useful in your organization to solve a key challenge.

“Improving Customer Experiences with Real-Time Insights”, will be used as an example during the workshop. This experiential session will include a step by step journey based on how data science is helping companies to predict the customer experience journey and proactively address the issues, leading to the improvement of Net Promoter Score. The session will also highlight the importance of using AI Canvas, CRISP-DM (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) and Agile in Data Science projects.

The methodology involves consuming historical NPS data; using machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify the most important features and creating an algorithm to predict the customer experience.