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An Honest Take on Open Source


February 15, 2021 4:00 pm CET

From developers, for developers.

We are very proud to present this FOSS Backstage Satellite Event, hosted by IBM Developer. FOSS Backstage is an exciting conference dedicated to everything related to FOSS (Free and open-source software) governance and open collaboration. Topics include: sustainability, evangelism, diversity and inclusion.

Please check out their fantastic program and get your tickets here: – join us at FOSS Backstage!

In today’s session, we are thrilled to welcome 2 guest speakers, Matthias and Enrique, both Software Engineers at our Research and Development Lab in Germany to give you their honest take on Open Source.

🎓  What will you learn?

Why you shouldn’t be concerned about Open Source
How to get started in Open Source
What is in it for you?
The not so nice and shiny parts

👩‍💻  Who should attend?

Everyone. Yes, we really mean that! From managers to developers, everyone with an interest in Open Source is welcome.


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🎙️  Speakers

Matthias Diester @heavywombat
Matthias Diester is a Software Engineer at IBM Germany. He is currently working in a project focusing on a Cloud service that addresses the needs of developers who just want to run their code. This work includes software development in Go, CI/CD, and all the other buzzwords that are currently out there, think Kubernetes, operators, YAML. He is not afraid to admit that he really likes YAML. Previously, Matthias worked on Cloud Foundry based services in the IBM Cloud. Matthias does not have spare time, he has little kids. Sometimes he trades sleep to work on some Open Source projects.

Enrique E. Encalada @eduardkorol
Enrique Encalada is a Software developer at IBM Germany, currently leading a team for enabling a in-cluster build system inside one of IBM’s Cloud services and a maintainer of Project Shipwright/Build. Previously, Enrique was actively involved in the Cloud Foundry community, where he was developing and advocating for projects to improve the user experience in Kubernetes, like KubeCF and Quarkus. In his spare time, Enrique likes to work with different technologies and build something on that. 

Host: Miriam Oglesby @Jessieevaline