An introduction to using Kubernetes with Minishift – Workshop


February 12, 2020 1:00 pm EET

Red Hat® OpenShift® is supported Kubernetes for cloud-native applications with enterprise security. Although Kubernetes has great scalability, workload portability and intuitive abstractions which allows you to separate business and developer concerns, it is still quite a concern to install, deploy and keep clusters operational.

Us, developers, we are lucky, because there is Minishift – a tool stack we can use locally on our development machines and develop and test applications for cloud deployment to test/production Red Hat® OpenShift® environments.

This event is a hands-on workshop to get started and familiar with OpenShift concepts using the Minishift flavor which allows you to create a local OpenShift cluster. We will run through a series of scenarios for creating, deploying and managing micro-services within an OpenShift single-node cluster using Minishift.

Here’s our agenda for the evening:
18.30 → 19:00
Doors open, food, drinks, networking
19:00 → 21:00
MiniShift Workshop with ongoing Q&A
21:00 → ∞

IMPORTANT! Bring your laptop and charger

Get a head start and join IBM Cloud via
Please also install MiniShift on your machine, so you can do the hands-on exercises with us:

Looking forward to seeing you there and let’s have fun together!

Șoseaua Orhideelor 15D · București, Bucharest, 060071, Romania