Artificial Intelligence for you!


September 28, 2019 10:00 am IST

“Is artificial intelligence less than our intelligence?” —Spike Jonze

Join us for some exciting conversations on the “most sought” topic of Artificial Intelligence. Whether you are novice or an expert in AI, this is a meet-up for anyone interested in artificial intelligence.


Talk: Neural Architecture Search (NAS) – From human designed neural network to machine driven !!

Deep Learning has enabled remarkable progress over the last years on a variety of tasks, such as image recognition, speech recognition, and machine translation. One crucial aspect for this progress are novel neural architectures, mostly been developed manually by human experts, which is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Because of this, there is growing interest in automated neural architecture search methods.

In this session, we will understand the Markovian and Policy gradient approach which provides the foundation to Reinforcement Learning (RL). How the Architecture is sampled from the search space using RNN and the highly rewarded architecture is used to train the model. How the same is leveraged by IBM cloud to provide it as service offering to quickly train a Model will be demonstrated.

Speaker: Rajesh K Jeyapaul

Rajesh K Jeyapaul is an Architect , Developer Advocate and startup Mentor @ IBM India. His technology focus is on AI and especially on Distributed environment.

In his 22 years of technology journey , he has led various product development projects on JVM technologies, OS , cloud OS and open source projects. Also, has led various enterprise solution enablement from database migration to hybrid cloud enablement for Banking and Telecom sector.

He started his career with Indian Defense Research organization as Research Fellow working in the cockpit simulation of India’s indigenous Light combat aircraft , Tejas.

He has co-authored RedBooks on PowerVM virtualizations & performances and having 4 patents to his credit.


Text Summarization and Visualization:

Automatic text summarization is part of natural language processing by which computers can understand, derive meaning and analyze human language. Text summaries can help reduce reading time, make the selection process easier, and improve the effectiveness of indexing.

In this workshop, we’ll be analyzing a movie review on Mission Impossible: Fallout. We will demonstrate a methodology to summarize & visualize text using Watson Studio.

There are two methods to summarize the text, extractive & abstractive summarization.
We will focus on extractive summarization which involves the selection of phrases and sentences from the source document to make up the new summary. At the end of the workshop, you will understand how to:
– Quickly summarize the text from documents & news feeds.
– Create topic modeling on the text to extract important topics.
– Create visualizations for better understanding of the data.
– Interpret the summary and visualization of the data.
– Analyze the text for further processing to generate recommendations or taking informed decisions.

Speaker: Binu Midhun

Binu Midhun is a Data Scientist with more than 10 years of experience in IT Industry. She has worked on complex computational modules for Retail and Financial institutions. Completed Masters in Computer Science, is a Data enthusiast and experienced in Artificial Intelligence technologies.


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