Big Data Processing with Cloud Functions and Java – Part 2

July 16, 2020 12:30 pm EDT

In the last session in the “Java and Serverless Cloud Functions” series, we discussed using Quarkus command mode apps to build lightweight, Cloud Native, applications. Please either do the code workshop or watch the first session’s video. (you are also welcome to follow along, of course)

Serverless Cloud Functions are a powerful tool in the software developer’s toolbelt. They allow us to quickly build out solutions, with the ability to deploy for free – then run at minimal cost, paying for only the exact amount of time the Cloud Functions are being used. In this session, we’ll live-code a use case for doing Big Data processing. Here’s what we will cover:

We will cover:

– Describe the use case: process a large amount of data and store calculated, derived data, in a database
– Use a Cloud Function trigger to process new data when it arrives
– Use a Quarkus application, running in minimal-overhead command mode, to load and do calculations (running as a Cloud Function)
– Store the calculated data in a NoSQL database
– Write another Cloud Function to display the data in a web browser

Finally, we’ll leave you with a hands-on coding exercise – that you can run directly in your browser!

12:30 pm: Event kick-off
12:45-2:00 pm: Webinar
2-2:15 pm – Final Q&A

Pratik Patel (@prpatel) is an all around software and hardware enthusiast with experience in the healthcare, telecom, financial services, and startup sectors. He’s written some books, hacks on open source, and is currently a lead developer advocate at IBM. He helps to organize the Atlanta Java User Group, North Atlanta JavaScript meetup and Big Data Atlanta, frequent speaker at tech events, and master builder of nachos.