Bio-Inspired Robotics and Enterprise, what are the links?

June 10, 2020

After exploring the underbelly of artificial intelligence, we will look at the use of robotics and the inspirations that can be found in Nature and animal species.

Even if robots are famous in the collective imagination, where do they come from?

What are the sources of inspiration for robotics?

What are their uses in the common and professional life?

These are the questions that Julien Serres from the University of Aix-Marseille, Gilles Gomilla from Omron Electronics and Christophe Didier from IBM will answer, each using their own points of view and professional experiences.

Join us for this exciting talk, Robotics is already shaking up our daily lives and will be in a future, which has nothing to envy to science fiction, even closer to us.

Speakers :

– Julien Serres:
Senior Lecturer in Bio-inspired Robotics and
sensor-motor control in Aix Marseille University.

– Christophe Didier:
CTO IoT / industry 4.0 France – Executive Architect (IBM)

– Gilles Gomilla:
Product Manager Drives, Motion & Robotics (Omron Electronics)

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