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Blockchain hands-on workshop

November 13, 2019

Are you curious about blockchain?

You’d like to know more about this fascinating area and have the opportunity to attend a free hands-on workshop hosted by an IBM expert?

Why don’t you join us on Wednesday 13th November at our special Blockchain worskhop in collaboration with IBM?

Also eager to increase your blockchain skills, but hardly have the chance to do so? In that case, join us and learn the basics of permissioned blockchains and how to build your very own blockchain application. You’ll learn how to develop smart contracts and how to deploy this to a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network.

The demos and code in this workshop are linked to a fictive use-case of how blockchain technology could be applied in a real-world scenario.

A major part of the session will be hands-on, so please don’t forget to bring your laptop and complete the prerequisites section below.

Please register for this event via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bockchain-workshop-with-ibm-tickets-79537112645

All necessary prereqs to sucessfully complete this workshop have been put together in a virtual image. A VMware based image and a VirtualBox based image have been prepared. Make your choice and select one of the options below to complete the prerequisites.

Using VirtualBox
1. The VirtualBox image (https://ibm.biz/hlfabric-1) containing Hyperledger Fabric and all other pre-reqs to complete this workshop.
2. VirtualBox 6.x

Using VMware Player
1. The VMware image (https://ibm.biz/hlfabric-2) containing Hyperledger Fabric and all other pre-reqs to complete this workshop.
2. VMware player

IBM Cloud Account
All options require an IBM Cloud account, so if you don’t already have one, you can create one for free at: https://ibm.biz/Bdz36u

Looking very much forward to welcome you and let’s have some fun coding together!!!

Square Des Martyrs 1, Charleroi, Belgium