Build a predictive machine learning model quickly and easily


July 27, 2021 5:00 pm MSK

Building predictive models can be time consuming and also takes a lot of skills to develop and deploy, as it involved various algorithms which need to be compared and also ensure that we have the desired accuracy for our model. In this workshop, will talk about predictive modeling and machine learning, after which we will show you how can easily build a predictive model with IBM SPSS Modeler and decide whether a telco customer will churn or not.

🎓 What will you learn?

  • Create an SPSS® Modeler flow.
  • Use the SPSS tool to inspect data and glean insights.
  • Modify and prepare data for AI model creation using SPSS.
  • Train a machine learning model with SPSS and evaluate the results.

👩‍💻 Who should attend?

  • Machine learning enthusiasts
  • Data scientists
  • Anyone who is growing in the field of Data Science & AI

✍🏼 Prerequisites

  • Sign up/Login on IBM Cloud at 
  • Register for the event at

🎙️ Speaker(s)

  • Fawaz Siddiqi – Developer Advocate, IBM
  • Anam Mahmood – Developer Advocate, IBM

Dubai, United Arab Emirates