Build a Twitter predictive model using AutoAI and IBM Cloud Functions

December 20, 2020 3:00 pm EET

In today’s environment, a lot of focus has shifted towards data. Each day, the amount of data that is generated and consumed is increasing, adding approximately 5 exabytes of data. Everything we do generates data, whether turning a light on or off, or commuting to work. This data can generate information that can be used for insights to predict and extract patterns. Data mining or data science is the process of discovering patterns, insights, and associations from data.

On this session we will show to implement a predictive model on the data to gather insights. You’ll learn how to create a predictive model using AutoAI on IBM® Watson™ Studio, which is a cloud-based environment for data scientists. Specifically, you’ll learn how to predict and optimize your Twitter interaction that can lead to optimum traffic on your tweets.

🎓 What you will learn

– Work with IBM Cloud Functions to extract data from Twitter

– Create and upload a CSV file to IBM Cloud Object Storage from an IBM Cloud Function

– Use Watson Studio and AutoAI to build a predictive model using CSV data

– Use Twitter to predict and optimize your Twitter interactions


👩‍💻 Who should attend

– Anyone interested in Data and AI


🎙️ Speakers

– Lungelo Sikobi, IBM Developer Advocate, South Africa

– Khalil Faraj, IBM Developer Advocate, UAE


☑️ Prerequisites

– Sign up for your IBM Cloud account –

– A Twitter account –

– A Twitter Developer account –

– Register for the live stream and access the replay –


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