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Build, Launch & Scale your FinTech startup with IBM

August 27, 2020 1:00 pm GST


Join us in this session for a series of talks delivered by IBM. Learn how you can leverage IBM technology to support and enhance your FinTech business, how IBM works with partners on blockchain strategy and impacts the FinTech Ecosystem, and learn about the capabilities of IBM Cloud through a live Demo covering a FinTech use-case.


1. A new era of transparency and trust for the financial services ecosystem – Pawel Stefanski (15 mins)
2. Build and Sell your solutions with IBM Next Generation Ecosystem – Phillip De Ridder (15 mins)
3. IBM Ecosystem in Dubai – How we work with partners on blockchain strategy, Impact in the FinTech Ecosystem, etc – Anthony Butler (10 mins)
4. Tech Demo, Code Content & Developer support – Dev Adv team (15 mins)
5. What’s Next & Survey for next sessions – (Open Source strategy with Red Hat, Security, Data and AI, Blockchain, Edge/IOT, Marketplaces – Monetization of data and services) (5 mins)